Bear Meal Is Super Gross I Freaky Creatures

♪ NARRATOR: What a beautiful
place, Mother Nature! MOTHER NATURE: Thank you. Alaska is a great place
to watch a bear picnic. NARRATOR: I thought bears
kept to themselves. MOTHER NATURE: They do… unless there’s
a large food source luring them to the same spot. And a dead humpback whale
washing up on shore has quite the odor. NARRATOR: Wow! A whale! It doesn’t get much bigger
than that. MOTHER NATURE: These bears
are getting ready to hibernate, so they need to eat
as many calories as possible before their long winter nap. NARRATOR: A whale must have
over a million calories! MOTHER NATURE: It does.
It’s a buffet of blubber. [growling] But competition for it
is still fierce. [growling] NARRATOR: What an appetite! MOTHER NATURE: They eat
up to 90 pounds of food a day to get enough energy to survive
the next few months. NARRATOR:
I could never eat that much. I’d have to lie down. MOTHER NATURE:
The bears do just that. Then after resting
and digesting, they go back for more. NARRATOR: That’s freaky!

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