Basmati rice

Hello Welcome to my channel Thank you for watching My video now I go already make will you? bassmati rice With very nice way not like the normal make it this is different way For the bassmati rice we can see the recipe together Like every time this is a spool we have one spoon Welcome and we have something like Kutol, this is a spoon like pepper This is one very small Onion and 2 cardamom seed and They leave And here one negative and Also would have this like about your tests how much you need salt and this is 40 40 gram Binary nuts And we already go make this is basmati rice and this voyage we already go take 250 gram we make it This is the scale You need to you need to use Glass because also you use the same one you need to use the same one for doubt This is 250 Yeah, you take it wash it rinse it Only do it like that and now this is more than he knows To take the Easy They can do this In here like To little bit in Something like three four spoons And And big Yeah, I think it’s little and I come back Like this I start to do the cool and And the black paper and The Navy undersold and also everything Only the notes He’s too big Everything together Nice Do the not seein if you not have much you can make it without you This is too easy price of this And it is everyone watch me now after make this dies you can already live for me comment Tell me Write to me what? How this going with you is nice Until is not forget when you watch me If you look down in the right side you see the subscribe you can push it to me and also do me like This is Hell to my channel And can make me continue with you for moral dishes Okay, we now we go with This is super easy Not difficult, I tried trying make this video very easy And also not take time I mean spoke to the fire nativity You remember the glass we did The rise in it the same glass with we already do one glass rise We need to do two blasts The same size the same glass I know do this is holistic The next blows We already weeks when this cooked This is after ten minutes I leave it after this Start cooked I leave it something like two minutes cooked with inside the water and after that I get very Very very small fire and I leave it for 10 minutes now Just look like that Okay we go see how this I leave it something like five minutes more Okay, now this is after five minutes extra This is never done. This is very nice. This is typical day like the destroy naked and also I Not do the lid For the bed you leave it over this not like the normal rice Okay now I go Surf it And Okay, this is after I finish this is look like that and this just Very very nice And Bon Appetit and Not forget to support my channel please with like and subscribe and also yeah, this is Darwin the video in the right side you have this up the subscribe and I see you takes dish

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