Bamboo Digging & Feast (たけのこ) – Eric Meal Time #108

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  1. I think you're the person who eats and enjoys his food the best and especially with veggies. If all kindergarteners had a teacher like you I think veggies would be a favoured food.

  2. idk but if your ever near Santa Paula Ca. check out Mary Bs the burgers are great and the chil cheese fries are to die for only problem is they only open mon.-fri. and close at 2 pm ..its in ventura county and if you surf you know VC county …love your vlogs btw

  3. yo, Eric! Not sure if you're into this it might be too much work but you ever thought about adding English subtitles during your Japanese conversations? not a big thing, It's fine either or.

  4. I LOVE these fresh bamboo shoots. If you ever tried this, you will never eat those canned bamboo again..never..

  5. eric, good job. you took it light with some fun. not cheap worship blindly.

    problem with Japanese food is its lack of flavoring variety. soy sauce on everything, may be some wasabi…

  6. This video makes me want to lay on my back in a bamboo grove and just watch the tops sway. So mesmerizing and relaxing!

  7. This was such a different experience, thank you very much. I have vegan to always consider and this place looks like something she could really go for. I shall delve further.

  8. Content was very interesting & different — it was almost like education through good-entertainment — for me the length of the video was actually spot-on … made me soooooo curious about tasting the real-thing …. each of the real version of bamboo food !!! EMT – grew to be a ROCKN' informative & entertaining channel !!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  9. The lady in the back of that was behind you I thought she was a zombie 😂 she looked like she was staggering a bit.

  10. I love stir fried bamboo shoots. Bamboo is the most versatile and one of the fastest growing. This is one of your best videos Eric.

  11. Hi Eric, this video reminded me of the time when I was a small child living in Japan. My grandmother used to take me to "たけのこ狩り", and she used to cook them for me. It brought back some memories.

  12. Become a Member of Team Get Some: S U B S C R I B E & Click the "BELL BUTTON" to get instant updates on my New Videos. Did the Bell make a sound?
    Let me know PLZ 😋🍜🍱🍒🍕😜 Thanks! -Ericsurf6

  13. Bamboo sprouts should not be eaten raw. They contain the hydrocyanic acid glycoside which can be altered by digestion with poison!

  14. I eat young cattails where I live in the spring and summer. They grow in lakes, ponds or marshes … Reminds me of the same thing, well, kinda 😁

  15. Well, to answer you'r question i love to watch you'r longer video's but some of you'r shorter one's are short and sweet!,,so i'd say i prefer the longer video's! They are more interesting!

  16. Been watching the Eric Meal Time playlist from episode 1. Love your content. Figured I'd comment on this particular video. I've always wanted to try fresh bamboo shoots. It reminds me quite a bit of something I used to eat a LOT of back when I lived in Florida. We called it "Swamp Cabbage". It was the heart meat of the Sable Palm Tree. Had a little bit of a "cabbage-y" crunch and a little kick of natural spice like wild horseradish. I'm wondering if fresh bamboo shoots taste close to that.

  17. All of those dishes look amazing. Probably the only bamboo I can find here in the States are canned. I'm so jealous of all the wonderful foods you eat!

  18. Can you just go and cut those small ones out and take them home and eat them? Or is this some bamboo project and or Farm?

  19. I've been eating bamboo since I was a young child and it was always one of my favorite of all-time Japanese Foods! Actually Asian Foods. Being vegan I'd rather have that cutlet than meat. You're in for the sauces huh? You will decide how much you like a dish not by the main ingredient but by the sauce I've noticed. I always taste my food the way it comes first plain and then add a sauce or some on the side.

  20. I like watching your videos cause I know I'll never be able to travel to china/Japan so seeing the food and culture from your short videos, just makes my day. I love seeing how different everything is in other parts of the world.😊 Thank you Eric for always sharing!

  21. A fabulous video, Eric!! I love all your video, but this one is one of the best!! So original! Fresh! I can feel the breeze of bamboo forest, coming into my house when watching your video. Keep up your great jobs!!!

  22. I’m eating a tree.. this is the real japan. I got a laugh out of that Statement. 😂 love the video though! Very interesting how Japanese people eat very unique things! That Americans and other parts of the world would not.

  23. This is one of your best videos! I like the way you describe what you're eating, what the Japanese and English names are. No one else does that. Best wishes for the future.

  24. Just subscribed. Loved this video. I always had that weird thought of why are people eating a tree and the opened up my eyes and the next time I go to a place that has a bamboo dish like that I'm definitely going to try it.

  25. This was so interesting and surprising. I really like learning something when I watch a video and now I would buy some bamboo and try to cook it. Unlikely that I would ever find it in a store though. Same idea as an artichoke, tough on the outside with a tender center! Thanks again, Connie

  26. I loved this video as i always do thank you for sharing your life and food with us i really apreciate this. Who is behind the camera in this vid was it your wife?

  27. I bet there is no fat Japanese people!!!!! Healthy tasty bamboo meal!!!! Yummy!!!!! That was very funny when you put your fingers in the miso soup with bamboo!!!! Said I think ouch that's hot or something!!!! Couldn't stop laughing!!!!!

  28. Wow I can't believe bamboos. Versatile I mean you showed me a whole different side that I never knew existed thank you for the education have a great day and happy Halloween

  29. Big one・・・ 大きすぎるのは硬くてもはや食用にならないので摂らないのです

  30. Nah, wild boar??? That didn't look anything like my wife!!!😱😨😰😉😎
    PS 99.9% of the time if you ask me for a handkerchief you will find one in my back pocket. It's used for many things other than blowing my nose. For instance after washing my hands in the bathroom and there are no paper towels … well all I have to do is go to my back pocket. Food for thought

  31. So much adventure this time around " alway's great uploads never get tired watching you Eric I watch your videos all the time everyday all day I learn so much about foods , different language it's like travelling without travelling and the coast's awsome bamboo shooting Eric 😎

  32. Who would've guessed you could eat bamboo in so many ways?! Honestly, everything looked SO good. Totally craving cutlet now. Huge fan but I have to say, this was one of my favourite videos of yours. Thank you as always, Eric!

  33. I will gladly take your portion of rice. I love rice in all its forms except raw or undercooked. Rice can complement any dish both sweet or savory. Yum Yum in my Tum Tum.

  34. You serve this in elegant dishes in a posh restaurant u can charge top prices…for such a basically decorated restaurant the presentation is superb

  35. A very •complete• video in that you showed the whole cycle – from harvesting to cooking to consuming. Pretty cool.

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