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[music playing] What’s going on? I’m Eddie Jackson, and this
is my Game-Day Playbook. And today’s menu is
gonna be the bomb. I’m talking pizza bombs. I guarantee you that
these tasty treats will be the perfect items
for your game day menu. What I have here is about a
half pound sized pizza dough. Take a little bit of flour to
prevent my board from sticking. So what I’m gonna do is
actually cut this in half, and then I’m gonna
cut in half again. So as you can see, I have
perfect quarter pieces, all right. This reminds me of my
first job that I ever had. I used to work in a pizzeria. And I used to actually
be the pizza kid. And this is actually
bringing me back. So what I do is, I have
a little tomato paste. If you was to use a
tomato sauce it’ll actually make the dough
soggy, and we don’t want that. Next up, I’m gonna take a
little bit of this mozzarella. I’m gonna put a little bit
of red pepper flakes in here. You know I like that heat, so
I might put a little bit more. Starting to look like a pizza. A little bit of salt, little
bit over the shoulder. And now I’m gonna take a
little bit of this bacon, just to make sure it’s good. That’s good. I’m just gonna lay
it over the top, make a bed of bacon
goodness right here. Take a little basil leaf. I love the way basil smells. And what we’re gonna
do is, I’m gonna– I’m gonna wet my fingers, and
I’m just gonna run it around the edge of the actual dough, to
moisten it, just a little bit. This is gonna allow us
to secure it, and be able to make our actual ball. Gonna be ready to rock ‘n’ roll. And we have a
perfect pizza bomb. You wanna to take a skewer, and
you want to put a little flour on it, so that it doesn’t
stick to the actual dough, and we’re gonna
create a little vent, so that it steams a little
bit when we cook it. So I have a little herb
oil going on in here. And this is kind of like, if you
ever had, like a garlic knot, or like a really
good garlic bread, this is gonna mimic
that same flavor. Beautiful! So I have a preheated
500 degree oven. And I’m gonna place these
beautiful little bombs on my sheet pan here. And I have a pizza stone
sitting in my oven. And I’m actually
gonna place my sheet pan on top of my pizza stone. And what that’s gonna do is
make sure that I have heat going consistently throughout my pan. It’s almost gonna mimic
an actual pizza oven. So I’m gonna pop these
in for about 10 minutes. All right, so it’s
been about 10 minutes. Oh yeah. Perfectly golden brown. So just to add to it
just a little bit more, I’m gonna brush
these, very quickly, while they’re still piping hot. Oh, man. So these little pizza
bombs are the perfect item you wanna have at
your game day party, because they’re one handers. I’ve always been a firm
believer that, you know, when you have a game
day party, you always want to leave one
hand free, because you gotta have a cold
beverage in the other one. I think it’s safe to say
that my game-day playbook has been planned to
perfection, yet again.

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