Azur Lane Live2D Taihou Forbidden Feast

We have a new mission~ Shall we carry it out together? Mission completed~ Shall we go receive our rewards? Commission complete… Even though all you have to do is order it and I could do them all myself… You must care very deeply for me~ Would you like to bathe with me? Or would you rather eat me? Or maybe you’d like to do it with me…? (Giggle) Operation complete! You look marvelous even on the battlefield~ You have new mail, Commander~ I already thoroughly tested it for poison with my tongue~ Touch me more~! If you do this to anyone else then a small punishment will befall you. Understood? Commander, please, never tell lies to me, okay? Or else…

60 thoughts on “Azur Lane Live2D Taihou Forbidden Feast

  1. TAIHOUUUUUU!!!~ ma first SR. Gotta take care of he– shit I forgot to take note of my jp account…….Goddamn!!!!!!

  2. Her voice isn't what most people would expect to come from her, but idk I think it actually fits her a lot after spending time hearing Taihou

  3. Is anyone here because they discovered that Black Hole Chan was wearing the same sexy red outfit?

  4. I like taihou
    God i wish i had her….
    Roon,Akagi i know what you guys thinking off
    Let me explain first ok…

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