An Easy & Inexpensive 🍖Meat Replacement🍖….How to make SEITAN

hey guys retired at 40 so I have recently
started to cut down my meat intake and cut down my dairy intake I’ve had some
high cholesterol issues and some blood pressure issues and since I have known
that it’s helping a whole bunch but the hardest thing to do is to find a good
thing that will replace meat in your diet I think I found the best solution
it’s called seitan and today we’re gonna make it so I found a pretty good
solution it’s called seitan and it’s kind of a dough based substance that you
infuse with different types of broth you can do chicken you can do vegetable you
can do beef you can do pork stock so making the dough of the side time it’s
very easy all you need is some chickpea flour and some vital wheat gluten I use
this Bob’s Red Mill stuff if you’ve never checked out Bob’s he has quite a
bit of good stuff so you need 1 cup of vital wheat gluten and then 1/4 a cup of
garbanzo bean flour or chickpea flour same thing and then I’m going to throw
this in the KitchenAid mixer otherwise you can just mix it up with a spoon or a
fork alright so as it’s mixing you’re just gonna add in 1 cup of water and you’re looking for a consistency
that’s very similar to bread dough so you’re gonna knead this for about five
minutes and then you’re gonna let it sit for about five minutes all right so I
doubled up my recipe that’s why I’ve got a bigger ball of dough but you can see
that it’s taking on that bread dough consistency so we’re gonna let this
finish out on our five minutes and this will actually blow up quite a bit once
we do our next step which is boiling in water
all right that’s looking just the way we want it to look now we’re gonna let this
hang out for about five minutes and rest and in the meantime we’re gonna get our
broth put together so while we’re waiting for our dough to rest let’s put
together our seasoning which is going to be basically the broth that you boil the
the seitan on today I’m going to make the chicken broth but you can also do
pork and beef and I’ll put the recipes for those down in the description so for
the chicken you’re going to need some nutritional yeast with some people
called nooch but you’ll need some wine vinegar I’m using red you can use white
also you need some poultry seasoning some onion powder some garlic powder and
then some vegetable broth and if you haven’t seen the vegetable broth
freeze-dried video make sure you check that out I’ll put a link down into the
description as well I also forgot the soy sauce and you can
actually add a little bit of liquid smoke if you care to you’re also gonna
want a pretty big stock pan to boil the seitan in that’s seitan not Satan all
right the first thing you need is six cups of vegetable broth and I want to
remind you that I’m doing I’m doubling up my recipe so do as I say not as I do
so just as I was saying that I realized that I’m definitely gonna need a bigger
pan this stuff does expands quite a bit once you start to boil it so make sure
that you’ve got enough room in the pan that you’re going to use for some
expanding to happen okay next we’re gonna do a third of a cup of soy sauce and we’re gonna do a quarter of a cup of
the new CH nutritional yeast and what nutritional yeast is is it’s often used
as a cheese replacement and remember I’m doing I’m doubling up on this but we
only need a quarter of a cup next one and a half teaspoons of wine vinegar
then we’re going to do one and a half teaspoons of poultry seasoning followed
by one teaspoon of onion powder and then a half a teaspoon of garlic powder and
then if you want to you can also do a 1/2 teaspoon of liquid smoke I don’t
tend to like the liquid smoke flavor myself because it tastes like fake smoke
to me but it’s a it’s definitely an optional thing if you want to put it in
there okay we’re gonna bring this up to a boil and then we’re gonna give it a
good stir and mix all these ingredients together and then once we’re up to a
boil we want to take it down to a simmer ok well we’re waiting for that to boil
when you take our seitan it should be good and rested by now and you have to
make a decision you can either cut this into small chunks it kind of depends on
what you’re gonna use it for if you want it to be like a chicken breast size then
I would probably cut it into four even sections now remember I have doubled
mine up so – mine is actually twice as big as it normally would be so you can
either cut it into four different sections if you want like a chicken
breast size or if you want smaller chunks that are already diced up then
you can cut them into small bits and pieces so maybe I’ll do one of each so
I’ll cut this first one into four chunks and then this other one I’ll dice up
into small pieces the other we’re at a simmer we’re just going to slowly drop
these chunks in to the simmering water and these are gonna hang out for about
an hour all right it’s been about an hour and it
looks and smells great I’m going to show you the difference
between the chunks and the bigger pieces you can see that they expanded quite a
bit so if you didn’t know any better you would think that was a slice of
chicken and it’s full of chicken flavor it smells like chicken I’ll give you a
close-up so you can see what it looks like all right so I made a double batch
and you can see it makes quite a bit this is definitely enough to freeze-dry
and if you guys this up you can throw it in a stir Fry’s and do all kinds of
stuff that you can normally do with chicken you’re also left with about 8 cups of
broth if you made a double batch or about 4 cups if you did a single batch
so you can you can freeze dry that or you can use it for for your next batch
that you make or you can use it for something else so you can use this a
time as much as we use it we actually enjoy the flavor of it and add it to
quite a few stir fries and dishes like that it’s a good meat replacement for
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14 thoughts on “An Easy & Inexpensive 🍖Meat Replacement🍖….How to make SEITAN

  1. I have no aversion to meat….but, what a great substitute to save money once in a while! I’m definitely going to try this. I do have a question. You mentioned reusing the broth for another batch. It seems much of the flavor would be used/reduced/gone (in to the “chx”). Does the second batch taste just as flavorful as the first? Have you reused it this way? Thanks for the video! (Also…. where is the “meat” recipe? Thank you. 😃)

  2. you should try fake breakfast sausage, main ingredient is oats. It is really good and freezes well

  3. I tried to make seitan a few years ago and ended up with something with the consistency of rubber. Even the dog wouldn't eat it, and he eats anything. I'll have to try this recipe and see if I can get edible seitan. Thank you for the recipe!

  4. Duuh, if it is infused with "pork or chicken broth" then it is not "vegan and vegetarian friendly"- but that is not exactly what you wanted to say, right? Anyway, keep up the good work, and I do mean that!

  5. I did the opposite and am now off all meds. No grains or carbs. Plenty of meat and high fat at that.

  6. Just the sort of thing i was looking for. The store bought stuff just still has a few undesirable things in it for me. Well done vid. Thanks so much.


  8. The broth would probably be good for gravy; take a bit, add mustard, soy, and nutritional yeast, a little of that chickpea flour to thicken.

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