America’s Food Consumption Fact and Farmers Market美国农贸市场以及食品消费状况

hi guys, welcome to this episode of USA,how it is the video of this week is about farmer’s market I think it’s fun farmers sell their produce Generally speaking, the price would be higher than grocery store this is okra(I haven’t seen it in China) Habanero pepper, one of the hottest pepper in the world.(I heard people use it to make pepper spray or bug repellent. I’ve never heard people eat it) herbs this is the meat truck Jams I think these are homemade jams and salsa(a Mexican style tomato based sauce) pickles they sell green tomatoes. I heard people fry green tomato We have way much more varieties of vegetables in China this looks like garlic leave(but it’s leek) these are local honey and pollen I walked through the market Farmers market only opens on Satureday morning It doesn’t open during the rest of week only once a week and only during summer time, from June to October if you live in the north, may be the business season could be even shorter so we can’t draw the conclusion that America has farmers market, so their food are majorly come from farmers market it opens only once a week, from June to October you can’t rely on it to supply your food for the family In Cui Yongyuan’s documentary about GMO food in America he collect farmer’s market existence as an evidence then suggesting Americans got their food from here What I can tell you is, he didn’t present the food consumption fact in that specific piece of footage Generally speaking, most American families wouldn’t rely on farmers market to supply their food most people get their grocery from the store this footage was taken in Walmart, the customer before me shopped these food I think it’s a typical sample to present what Americans eat canned food frozen food processed meat milk, bread no boday bake their bread at home an a box of sliced deli meat I think this case could represent what general American eats Thanks for watching this water melon is really heavy see you next time bye

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