Hey guys it’s Jenn, and I’m here with Ricky Dillon Hey guys what’s up We went shopping! And we decided that we were going to buy all the weird things that we’ve never really seen Never tried before that they sell in America Right I’ve done a couple videos in the past where I try food and candies from other countries but I’ve never tried, I’ve never tried the weird stuff that they sell in America Because, we have a lot – honestly a lot of weird stuff here (Laughing) we do we have so much weird stuff I don’t know why I am laughing so much.. we should have filmed us shopping cause we would be like, this looks so gross lets buy it! grabs it throws it in the cart literally the guy checking us out was laughing at us because we bought – you’ll see some of the stuff that we bought yeah – just – you’ll see side note we’ve never tried this stuff before so its all going to be new we don’t know if its going to be good or bad but we just thought it looked weird so lets try it! lets go! the first thing we’re trying is fried ice cream this is ice cream that is fried ice cream flavour is it really? I thought it was a ball of like… no this can’t be fried wait open it up I have no idea what this is going to taste like yummm what flavour is fried in here? probably like French fries ew ok ready, cheers yumm woah woah its like cinnamon flavoured, I like it yumm I like it ill keep this one next lets try lets try this, maple bacon flavoured chips ok you guys, if you know me that well you know that I hate bacon, I hate it! anything bacon flavoured or bacon I don’t like this is literally like a breakfast (laughing) in a chip im gonna hate this, need some help there? (laughing) why can’t I open that? ok Ricky cheers! oh no ugh ohh no! oh my god oh my god ok, I don’t know whats up with this chip, one minute I like it, one minute I’m like ew its so bacony just lie lets try this I’ve seen these on the shelves so many times, but I’ve never tried them I love pickle oh my god ooo what!? it smells good, I love – I love pickles yeah but not as a chip. cheers (laughing) eww yumm I love it wait I need another its really strong though like if you hate pickles, like bye i’m so confused by this because it does taste just like a pickle but i’d rather just eat a pickle I’d snack on this put it in the cabinet this might be dangerous (gasp) this one isn’t a snack but they are peppers I don’t know if they’re going to be hot they’re huge! they’re giant like, look at this I have no idea – I don’t know why they’re called lets do it (laughing) ow (laughing) (laughing) the way you put that in your mouth god, its spicy oh my god, oh hot. oh my god its hot. oh my god its hot. its hot oh my god get a paper towel, oh my god its hot, Ricky woah, woah woah woah woah woah get the ice-cream oh my god next we’re going to try this, I’m actually really excited about this me too I want a good snack its baked Mac and cheese puffs. cheers yummm mmm I like it 10 10 why Mac and cheese, like its just cheese flavoured its all about the appeal because everyone likes Mac and cheese, thats why I picked it up I was like mmm alright marketing 11 out of 10 good job yogurt and berry mini rice cakes rice cakes are good but I picture like cheese, salt, butter. not yogurt mm they smell – no never mind no ta-da, Go doesn’t mesh well its like two seperate flavours trying to mesh and they don’t mesh that tastes like shampoo I hate chicken and we’re about to try a chicken pringle kikin chicken taco no! like what a specific flavour the flavour of chicken makes me nauseous so if I throw up on your face, sorry I mean if its taco flavoured I’m good but chicken it smells like tacos to me yeah ok here we go, cheers! Oh My God! Oh My, that was like so much chicken in there The second I put it in my mouth I tasted chicken and I was like Ricky’s gonna hate this! it’s not bad but it’s just like kind of like why Right like I would probably not eat this again but I like don’t mind it you know? this is cookies and cream chocolate stick yum so its like filled with cookies and cream, ok, here we go, woah! here we go oh see this is going to be good om my god! woah I don’t like it What!? I don’t like the chocolate that much I’m not like a huge candy fan This is the best thing we’ve had all night Next we’re trying jacked Doritos it looks so weird, Woah! oh my god woah ew, its not good oh my god I hate it! I hate it! It’s a good idea but no I’m so excited for this Chips Ahoy filled with brownies Woah! Woah they’re thick (gasp) its not that good I wouldn’t buy it again I don’t even want to finish it to be honest yeah I’m not – I don’t want to finish it either Not worth the calories Next we are going to try a Gatorade brand protein bar I thought Gatorade made drinks not protein bars so this is going to be weird So this bar feels so hard and its so big too look at this It’s big and hard. Ow that hurt Come on I can’t even bite it What is in there. It’s not that bad. I don’t want to keep eating it though From the sound of that I think you really like this one It’s not bad. For a protein bar it’s pretty good Most protein bars you can like taste the protein you can’t really taste the protein in that The last thing we are going to be trying is birthday cake gum interesting thing about this is that its sugar free so like Oh my God, smell it Ew it smells like glue Ta-da Cheers Oh my god, oh my god Ew no no no I hate it! Ew I hate it They tried way to hard They tried way to – (laughing) I did not like that. Alright guys well those were all of the weird American foods that we’re going to try today On this channel because We also did a video over on Ricky’s channel where we try even more American foods that we thought were weird So make sure to click anywhere on his body to check that out and don’t forget to subscribe And if you liked this video be sure to give it a big… Thumbs up and yeah thats pretty much it Holy Shit Ricky! Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all next Saturday with another new video. Bye! See Ya!


  1. 4:17 is hilarious she just screams "woah" while i'm reading the comments it scared me because my volume was blasting lmao

  2. we eat the gatorade protein bars after workouts st my school. i don’t like that flavor though. the caramel ones are better and i don’t even like caramel

  3. Did you know that actually AMERICA includes ALL AMERICA NOT ONLY US. Please stop call american to us people, like I mean I live in South America and its pretty insulting.

  4. Those cookies that you tried that have brownies in them microwave them for a couple seconds and they are so good @jennxpenn

  5. the cookies and cream chocolate stick is actually german(or from austria or swiss idc) daaaaaa, you HAVE to know this jenn, your such a disappointment !!! ok just kiddin I´m just a bored girl waiting on its flight

  6. Is it just me or did it seem like Jen waited for Rickys response to the taste of the food and acted like what he did.

  7. okay I know the birthday cake gum sucks but that brand also makes a snowcone one and yaaaaassssss its sooooooo good and the flavour lasts for like 45 minuets

  8. I love Jenn but why tf does she wait for Ricky to make a face or to say if he likes/dislikes something and then she agrees with him like guuuurrrlll don’t be afraid to say what u like guuuurrrllll

  9. Those peppers shouldn’t even be something weird especially to people in California because they sell those pickled at in-n-out

  10. I'm pretty sure that the 'fried ice cream' wasn't a flavor. I had it once when I was really young (so, it's very likely that I'm wrong) and I think it is literally ice cream that's fried.

  11. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who hates bacon. A lot of people would look at me when I say that and call me weird then tell me everyone loves bacon.

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