Americans Try Israeli Food For The First Time

– I don’t think I’ve
ever had Israeli food, but I also don’t know
what food I have had. So, you pronounce it “peter’s guitar”? – [Man in Stripes] Peter’s
guitar, I love peter’s guitar. – Look at how good these look! – They love the sesame seeds! – Kinda looks like a quiche-y pizza. – Mm-kay, that was a work out. – It’s really good, except they forgot the sauce, the cheese, and the pepperoni. – It’s pretty dry. – Does it come with any dipping sauces? – It tastes like dust. – Israeli Cheeto dust. – Yeah, it should be more like pizza. – [Man in White Shirt] Whoa, what? – [Man in Stripes] Look at this! Look how cool it is! It’s a croissant. – With sesame seeds. – They over-invested in
sesame seeds one year, and they’re like, “We’re just
gonna use it on everything.” – This is our main export, sesame seed. – Let’s “sesame see”
how well they stay on. – I’m gonna leave. – Oh, it’s flaky, I appreciate that. – You like flaky things? – Rule number one to making Israeli food, it has to crumble everywhere. – Is there something in it? – A big block of cheese in the middle. – (gasps) Oh, that’s where the magic is! – Oh my god, breakfast,
lunch, and dinner, please! – I would love to dip it
in some marinara sauce. – Do I have food all over my face? – No. – Cool. – [Man in White Shirt] Sabikh! Like a bird beak.
– [Man in Stripes] So finally, it’s got a lot of things going on. – Now this looks scary. – It’s not the nicest looking thing. – It’s like a sandwich that
you left in your lunch bag and then sat on it, or something. – Do we use our hands? – Whole medley of stuff in here. – Yeah, it is just burstin’
at the seams with gooey stuff. – This is basically like a
five-course meal within a pita. (girl laughs) – That’s a lot of meals. – One culinary journey
I do not want to go on. – It’s like a Hot Pocket, but good. – For me, this is a winner. – Go Isreal. – [Man in White Shirt and
Man in Stripes] Shakshouka! – [Man in Stripes] The famous Marvel hero. – This looks Italian. – That’s just because it’s red. – I can’t say I’m a fan
of the presentation. – Ehh… – Look at this thingy! – We won’t need these spoons. – Oh, no! – The texture is weird. – This looks like an eyeball! – I see eggs. – Ooh, ooh! – I love it.
– It’s spicy. – You know what? Tastes exactly what it looks like. – Did you wash your hands before this? – No. – “Israeli” good!
(girl laughs) – [Together] ♫ More food, more
food, more Israeli, Israeli, – ♫ Food, food, more
food, more food, Israeli ♫ food food, more food ♫ I want more Israeli food ♫ Give some more, more food, yeah ♫

100 thoughts on “Americans Try Israeli Food For The First Time

  1. So as usual you get these American idiots to make fools of themselves trying something other that McDonalds. Not funny.

  2. I'm a fan of Buzzfeed and its ability to give a platform and educate people about different cultures and what life is like in someone else's shoes. As a Palestinian, I was searching for videos that showcase Palestinian food and recipes. I was dismayed when I came across this video and the blatant ignorance of the content and title. It's your responsibility to fact check your information, and be sensitive with the content you're putting out. I found a very limited number of videos even available to showcase Palestinian cuisine, which makes it that much more important for that culture to be represented accurately. I know that the video is done for entertainment, but it also educational for most people due to the majority of the population not knowing anything about that region, people, or culture. The video has failed the people watching it by giving out false information as to the origin of those dishes; and it has failed the Palestinian people by assisting in the ethnic cleansing of the nation and their culture. You don't need to make the video political, but you do need to make sure it is accurate. I'm sure you have seen the comments under the video, and if you've done any research or reached out to the community of true Palestinians, you would know that the dishes showcased are as old as the nation of Palestine, well before Israel even existed. One of the ways that Israel goes about ethnically cleansing the indigenous people of the land, is by reappropriating their culture and rebranding it as their own. By creating content that misinforms the viewers of the factual roots of the cuisine, your team supports that horrific act against civil rights and equality. The video should be taken down. If you want to make a video showcasing that cuisine, I hate to break it to you, but that will literally be impossible without acknowledging that it is actually Palestinian cuisine. You cannot rebrand and appropriate Palestinian culture as Israeli. Israeli is built on Palestinian land and is filled with Palestinian people. If you want to make a video about jewish food, then do that. You can title it "American's Try Jewish Food For The First Time."

  3. its arabic Palestinian food Israelis have no culture and history they are settlers who have no dignity and respect they keep stealing and bombing gaza killing childern and jailing young girl SHAME

  4. its Arabic food names. This is Palestinian food. You stole the land of Palestine and are trying to steal their culture as well

  5. Come on! This is Palestinian food Israeli people have no relation with this food god damn Israel hamas will blow u all up

  6. Is Israel even a country actually it was written in Quran that the end of isreal is coming soon and isreali ppl knows that . Hop isreal will burn bye

  7. Excuse me it’s not Israeli food it’s palestinien food do you even know anything about that I WISH I COULD SLAP YOU

  8. Its funny how some people doing taste test on things always compare different food with something they are familiar with but that clearly are nothing alike and they dont seem to realize the difference. "If it looks like pizza (not the case) its pizza!" Kind of vibe…
    I have to say that most people i get this vibe from are american (usa)

  9. How to make israeli food 101
    Step one search for Arabian food
    Step two put israeli before the orginal name of the food
    And here you are a full course stolen cultural food in front of you

  10. how much y’all wanna bet that at least 15 people google translated their comments to be able to comment on another language

  11. يا الله حتا الاكل سارقينو مننا☻حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل🇵🇸🇵🇸

  12. Shaw Bedo get acquainted with the people stole the earth, then eat his food avenge you eat a Palestinian O Jahash☻🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  13. שו בדואי להכיר את האנשים גנב את הארץ, ולאחר מכן לאכול את נקמתו מזון אתה אוכל פלסטיני, כלבים



  14. Non of this is israeli food the first one is defnitly an arbic food like flafl and shwarma homos all of that is arbic from surya lebnon egypt and turkie

  15. 0:01 I don't think I've ever had Israeli food
    Well bro that's because there's no such thing as Israeli food😂😂😂

  16. Pita with z'aatar is Palestinian
    Bourek is Turkish
    Shakshouka is Tunisian
    Sabikh is probably the only Israeli thing here

  17. This is Palestinian food😂😂

    I don’t get how Israel is allowed to take our homes, dehumanize us daily, and ABOVE ALL THAT, claim OUR CULTURE, the only thing we have since they took everything else, AS THEIRS

  18. OMG.
    First they steal our land and change the name of our contry and our towns and claim our capital as theirs and now they are stealing our traditional food
    Zatar IS PALESTINIAN FOOD aren't you guys ashamed of yourselves MY GOD !!!
    يا الله
    اول اشي بياخدو اراضينا و بغيرو اسم فلسطين واسم المدن الفلسطينية وبيحكوا ان عاصمتنا الهم وبيسرقوا اكلنا زعتر اكل فلسطيني وكمان مشفارق معهم اشي اصلا يا الله

  19. All foods except for sabikh are palestinian foods. And by the way man’oushe zaatar is definitely not Israeli.

  20. Im palestinian so im watching this video and just say " you sons of bitches it's not even a country " it's so hard when ppl come and steal ur lande and ur culture and ur freedom even ur tradional food

  21. This is Arabian and Middle eastern food . Israelis don't have their own food . They only have murder history.
    Israel is an illegal state
    Israel is a terrorist state
    Israel is a racist state
    Israel will soon disappear

  22. I hate everyone in this comment section who left an anti cemetic comment Israel has been a country for only about 70 years most people 3 generations back are Arabic in some way and got kicked out because of their religion it’s not their fault that everyone hated them and they still get hate because of all the idiots in the world who cares literally I got bullied because I’m Jewish that is not ok I nor anyone in this comment section showing love for their country did anything to hurt you Israel is a country deal with it dumbasses

  23. Totally not israeli food. half of these are arabic dishes. Israeli have more salads and different types of meats on the bbq.

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