Americans Try German Food For The First Time

She’s vegetarian, she asked, ‘is there any meat in this German food?’. It’s all meat! That’s what German’s do, they just eat meat and drink beer. Other countries always have better chip flavors than us Smells like Lays barbecue Smells like dirt It’s awesome but I don’t know what it tastes like I think barbecue is the right comparison I like them Yeah, it’s delicious They’re savory, but they don’t like assault your mouth But it does’t have as much flavor as barbecue It’s kind of weak These are great, A-plus It’s non-alcoholic, get it off my table! I mean, as a general rule, I stay away from non-alcoholic things Malted vitamin soda, that can’t be good It smells like prune juice and beer had a baby Smells like toast It taste like creamier carmel soda Sort of medicine-y Grape juice? It kinda tastes like beer that you’ve opened, left and then came back for it and left it in the sun by accident You know what would go great with this? Alcohol Oh! This looks incredible I will say though that it does look like something very human. That is a really long piece of sausage, is that one piece of sausage? Good? I love it This is bursting with flavor That is some good sausage Yeah, this is like what you actually should eat with beer I don’t like hot dogs, but I like this That’s German engineering at it’s finest, if you ask me Anyone who dislikes any of this is tasteless. Isn’t that a tiny tiny particle? This looks like frosting It’s like thick, and then… It tastes like the inside of a Ritz Bitz cracker. It tastes like cream cheese and yogurt Punch you in the kidney, sourness This is not how I want to start my morning Here darling, let me give you some salt and pepper OK! I like it better with the salt and pepper, yeah You do you, Germany You do you I thought it was Japanese! Ooh I like that it’s little coins! Oh god, it’s salty, what the – ? Yeah, I want to spit this out, can I spit it out? What was that? Black licorice bathed in sweat, that’s what it is Hey! You know what’s gonna improve licorice, the world’s worst candy? A s$& ton of salt 45 milligrams of sodium?! I think it’s vegemite flavored This is the hardest thing I’ve ever eaten This is something you give your friend to let them know you don’t want to be friends anymore. This German food had me going up, like I was really excited Really running hot there and then, you lick a salty licorice and it just straight up cools you down. We apologize, Germany I feel a little more German, like hearty right now I feel like I’ve been looking my whole entire life for meat this good, and I’ve never found it.

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  1. The person who gave those poor people quark is, to be honest, an idiot.

    When you eat quark, you don't eat just quark.
    You add something to it. Usually it's a little water, milk or cream, honey, sugar or fruit when you want it sweet.
    Add salt, pepper, onions and herbs with some water as well to make it creamy. Great on potatoes. Kräuterquark is very popular here.

    You even bake with it, not just cheese cake; it's also used for bread, rolls and pastry.

    There are dozens of variations in the stores, and most children love it.

  2. It' a really cool video, where you can see how German "dishes" matters in the USA. I'm German and I must say, it is a prejudice that Germans are always drinking beer and eating Bratwurst with Sauerkraut! I've never been in the USA but, can't you buy paprika crisps in tge USA?

  3. You DO NOT eat Quark cheese without anything. Atleast get some toast. And why would you pick the worst German food? Those black liquorece is the worst out here. We have better candy than that.

  4. Love german foods ans drinks!

    Love haribo! And since i’m swedish i love licorice so👌👌👌

    Quark is not specificly german, it is traditional in scandinavia and some slavic countries aswell… and probably more of the nordic countries than just scandinavia

  5. Besides Bratwurst this isn't traditional German food at all. Try stuff like Currywurst, Spekulatius, Mettbrötchen, Weizenbier, Flammkuchen etc

  6. @buzzfeed had you guys had asked Germans before you made the video?You guys should know that most popular dish is Spaghetti with tomato sauce lol.

  7. Bavarian pretzel, jagarsnitzel, brotchen, spatzel, Haribo COLAS, kinder eggs….. oh man you missed sooooo much good stuff!

    It literally spells out Hans Riegel Bonn, Bonn is a City IN GERMANY!!!

  9. Omg Quark isst man nicht pur, es ist das ekligste was es gibt dazu ist man Früchte oder iein anderen scheiß!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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