Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time

(screams) (Russian accordion music) – It doesn’t smell terrible,
but it looks weird as hell. – It definitely smells kinda coleslaw-y. – Oh no!
(laughs) – It’s like fish with
purple mayonnaise on top. – It tastes like the ocean. – I’m into this. – It has a very dirt-like aftertaste. Which I like dirt, I ate dirt growing up. – The Russians go to space. I wonder if they make the
astronauts eat that (beep). Smells normal, smells bologna-ish. – This is the color of the zombies onThe Walking Dead. – I’ve never had bologna. (hums) – I’ve had bologna. – I’d say this tastes like
purchasing a Dell computer, just no joy. – It doesn’t really taste like anything. – I actually like it to be honest. – Natasha, can I have your bologna? – No, only if you give me
your fish covered in beets. – Oh, that’s so pickled. – This is tough, this is so hard. – It’s so wet. – Thanks. – Oh, that’s a lot of flavor, wow. – The garlicky-ness of it
helped me get through it. – This tastes like someone
threw acid on my grandmother. – I would blend that and drink it. – I like it so much! – You are wrong. – (laughs) Look at it jiggle. – The meat smells good, but why? – I don’t know if I can do this. – Uh-uh. – The taste is fine. It tastes like chicken pot pie,
whatever, it’s the texture. – Oh my God, this is so gross. – You brought usTetris, but you also brought us this,
so we’re kinda back at zero. – This is what you
would eat at the Capitol ofThe Hunger Games. (screams) – Wait a second.
– [Woman] What? – This is really, really weird. I’m not getting any smell at all. – Why must you do this to me? – This is already going horribly wrong. (indistinct talking) – It’s so tough. – It’s so salty. – All right, you’re gonna kill me. I think I’m into it. – If I had to choose between
the meat Jello and this, I would take 20 of these. – As far as meat-related items, this might be the best maybe. – I would say this is probably the best thing that we’ve had today. – Thumbs up, A+. More pickled tomatoes. We need more pickled
tomatoes in our lives. We really do. – [Man In Hat] We need
to get more creative with our pickling in general. – I don’t know why we
don’t pickle everything. I love pickling.

100 thoughts on “Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time

  1. I don’t understand what people expect to taste in other cultural foods. It’s suppose to be different and just because you’ve never tried it, you expect it to taste like what? Like other American foods?

    If you’re experiencing another cultural dish, don’t expect it to be comparable with your own culture. Just try to enjoy the dish for what it is or not based on taste.

  2. Same formula for every video. Pick people who have barely survived into their 20s on a malnourishing diet of chicken nuggets and cheese sticks, give them food with a little bit of flavor, see them almost vomit. I bet you $100, none if them have ever eaten a piece of fish.

  3. They hated most of it, and I wasn't offended. Like im used to Russia being a meme lol

    Also here are some very popular foods in Russia:
    Kasha Manaia
    I can't think of anymore… (-.-)

  4. Did you try cheboreki before MMMMM, those are so freaking good it’s basically fried dough with ground beef inside it, SO GOOD

  5. Herring under a fur coat is a food that you definitely need a acquired taste

    And it’s true we do pickle everything

  6. I felt really weird watching this because I grew up eating all of those foods as a Russian American. their reactions weren't offensive but a little rude to my culture. No hate though.

  7. I wonder what they'd say to traditional indigenous Mexican food, like grasshopper (chapulines) tostadas, carnitas (fried pork and tripe), and menudo (tripe stew)

  8. Every time an American says they dislike a food that is foreign to them: a bunch of non-Americans whining about them being “rude” or “disrespectful” Lololol yet all anyone does is criticize Americans based off stereotypes they’ve only heard & never actually experienced. Smh. Have several seats sis.

  9. salo is life-changingly good and ukrainians actually eat it with raw cloves of garlic. high quality salo literally melts in your mouth. perfect snack.

  10. Well obviously Americans don’t like half the food, they’re pretty much used to burgers and French fries what do you expect. Weaklings.

  11. I understand they’re trying foods far from what they’re used to, I unsderstand they’re Americans, but the way they’re reacting to the food is disrespectful and overdramatic.

  12. I don't know why would you make people who have 0 food adventure sense trying foreign food, they are hilarious and look ignorant😂

  13. The first time I had Kholodets I translated it as Geletin in my mind. I thought I was getting Jello for my birthday meal. I asked for two tins full. When I saw it I asked where the dog was hiding. Reminded me that the Donner party ate their boiled leather shoes before eating each other. First you boil your shoes multiple times scraping off the gel that is at the top of the water when it cools. Yup. That was it. That and the Herring under a coat was two of the items I never would eat and any alcohol of course.

  14. Послевкусие грязи это в твоей Африке ебаной. Нация гастрономических дебилов.

  15. it doesn't look bizarre to me at all. the purpose of this video is just about how much they can overact. so lame. especially the African-American girl on the right is so annoying. sorry!

  16. It’s literally hilarious seeing Americans try our Russian food 🤣🤣🤣 our food is NOT bizarre idk where you guys got that from😂😂

  17. Это похоже отрава из супермаркета. Если эти блюдо попробовать от шеф повара, то всем понравится.

  18. Вся Еда заебись блять, но квас я просто нахер ненавижу. Да, блять я русский и я знаю что такое квас.

  19. I remember as my Babushka set all these foods on the table I was like dang, I’m happy to be Russian because our foods are so unique

  20. Fake video with fake Russian food – another bizarre production by BuzzFeedVideo sponsored by Russophobes from Septagone ! Dehumanization of the enemy is always the priority before starting the war !

  21. Russian food is the best…
    Also realy good haladjez is made out of cow or pig feet… I rly dunno wtf this meat jello was but that ain't our Russian good food

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