Americans Try Bizarre European Food

– And, what? No, I’m not gonna eat this! (man laughs) – [Man] That turned so fast.
– [Woman] No! God, no! (man sighs)
– [Woman] Snails! – Nice – [Voiceover] Escargot is an appetizer of land snails traditionally
prepared in garlic butter. – Look at this little turd of thing. – Ew! – This is like a classic
thing you thought was gross when you were a kid.
– [Woman] I know. (woman screams loudly) – I haven’t had this since I was a baby. – I’ve never had escargot. – We get it. You grew up with money. – This some white folk who
do the fancy stuff out here. – [Plaid-shirted Man] Yea. – No, I’m classless. – This is the first
time I’ve ever had this. – It’s like buttery and
salty just like popcorn. – It’s chewy. It’s garlic-y. – It’s like an aphrodisiac. We might be having sex after this. (Man with Glasses laughs) – Put that whole thing in your mouth. It’s delicious.
– [Black-shirted Woman] No! – I feel like I’m chewing
meat and bubblegum. – I like it. I really like it. – You know you like it. You know you feel fancy as hell. – Are you sad? – Kinda. – Why am I so grossed out by snails? It’s like, I eat clams and mussels which are basically the snails of the sea. – We like, evicted it. – They taste delicious though, but the texture grossed me out. – Evicted it right into our mouths. – [Voiceover] Black pudding is
a type of blood sausage made of congealed pork blood
and oatmeal filler. (Man with Glasses sings)
– [Plaid-shirted Man] Ooh. Ooh. – Cookies! – It’s like you put your hamburgers in the dryer and forgot about it and it shrunk too small. – I think it’s blood sausage. – There’s blood in it? – What? – I know what that means. (laughs) – I hope it’s not like a blood diamond. – Period sex. – Oh. Really? – [Woman] No no no no. No. – [Man] Think About it. It’s like a scab. These are basically just giant pig scabs. – You’re not making it better. – I’m grossed out in theory, but every time I eat it it’s so good. – Blood is delicious. – Oh I need to eat the blood of the pig. I’m a vampire. – Europe is like mostly vampires, right? – Black pudding, ooh it’s like
the darkest of chocolates. Who puts pig’s blood in oatmeal? – [Voiceover] This version
of haggis is served in a puff pastry, but
it’s historically encased in the stomach of a sheep. This inside is a savory pudding with ingredients including
the sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver. – That looks good as hell. – Is this shepherd’s pie? – I’m gonna guess just
upon smell that it’s beef. – Smells weird. – The meat on the inside is, what the (bleep) is it? – Try it. It’s really great. – Oh it tastes like,
it’s like four days old. – It tastes regurgitated to me. – Oh. Ugh. – It’s sheep’s pluck. what the (bleep) is sheep’s pluck? – Oh! – Poor little sheep. – I’m like tastes good, and you’re like it’s a sheep’s heart
and I’m like nevermind. – It doesn’t taste good. – It does taste like liver
and I can’t stand liver. – I actually kind of feel powerful, like I’m eating the
heart of another animal. – It’s served inside the
boiled sheep’s stomach? – So what, like you just don’t
give no (bleep) about sheep? – It’d be like if I took
out all your insides and then grounded up, and then served it on a you platter. – I’ve never thrown out
anything in my life. (laughs) – Poor Scotland. What the (bleep)? – Haggis is hazardous. – [Voiceover] Lutefisk is
a gelatinous dried codfish that has been treated with lye. Lye is a caustic industrial chemical that, aside from curing food, is commonly used in drain de-cloggers, oven cleaners, soap, and for decomposing flesh. – What? – It’s like jello-y. – It’s like soap. – It’s fish. – Like if I didn’t take
a shower for three weeks, this would be the same thing. – This smells like a
straight whale vagina. – So mushy and blobby. – Ugh. – I thought I was cultured,
but this shit’s nasty. – I almost threw up. – Why? – Ew. (woman yells out) I hate how it feels in my mouth. (woman yells out) – What is this? – [Voiceover] That is fish cured with lye. – (simultaneously) What’s lye? – What? – Isn’t lye very toxic? – That’s what you (bleep) put in a perm! – Oh girl, let me put this
in your hair. (laughs) – Lord knows I need it,
no get it, get it, get it. – You have the best medical system in the world, and you eat this? – Yea. – That’s some (bleep). – This is the weirdest texture that’s ever been inside my mouth. – I think the texture is disgusting, – [Man] Alright have some more of that. – But the flavor is fine. – Go on. Eat what you wanna eat. If you serve this to me and I’m at your house I will eat
it, I will have seconds. Even this (bleep). – I once ran a snail over with my car when I was 16. – You ran over a (bleep) snail on purpose? – I was a really angsty teen and I wanted to know what death felt like. Under my tires. Don’t judge. Don’t judge. Everyone’s done it.

100 thoughts on “Americans Try Bizarre European Food

  1. That white girl with the glasses is so annoying!
    Her first complaint sounded like she was jealous for not growing up with money..

  2. Yeah, in Europe, we're mostly vampires! All of us, every one is a vampire. I'm a Bulgarian one.

  3. The video should be called: loud, obnoxious and immature Americans try culinary delicacies from places with real culture

  4. 3:48 – When saponified fish is so gross it makes you spontaneously go into your whistle voice. Seriously, play it back at 0.25x and be very, very impressed.

  5. Haggis properly is great, but you've given it to them in a way that we don't tend to eat it. If you're going to give Americans European food then give them it in the traditional way

  6. This video is so culturally insensitive! When you dont understand or are not familiar with some aspects of other cultures, you show respect. Didn't they realise that these foods are way healthier than all the junk American foods they stuff to their poor bodies everyday? Yeah go back to your familiar McDonald's or Burgers King.

  7. lol the comment section make me laugh so much.
    "Oh my God do even american have food culture?" Said every triggered European …

    also european in asia and middle east.. Oh what is this Oh no no is disgaaasting. How can they EAT THIS??

    mhm okay 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Why did they try lutefisk and not Bacalau😐
    Lutefisk isn't even that famous anywhere else than in Norway and Sweden.
    Bacalau tastes sooo good and is famous all around the world.

  9. I'm not European or American, but it's weird to me that none of these people have ever tried or heard of this food. I don't know why they consider this "fancy" food; I think it's delicious! (Except for lutefisk haha)

  10. I heard snails is delicious! And I cannot believe people out there in the world putting lye in their food! OMG!! No just, no!

  11. You have the worst healthcare in the world and you eat fatty foods on a daily basis. Don't be disrespectful of other countries and cultures.

  12. Americans have no sense of culture, because they don't have their own. Wait, they've got THANKSGIVING.

  13. Buzz:Yeah, let's fill the videos with gay and trans people to show we are respectful and open minded.
    Also Buzz: let's laugh over a whole continent's culture

  14. It’s not White food, it’s European gastronomy specifically Cuisine française. You know nothing mulatto mess.

    We Europeans have a race, culture, religion, identity and being and because you have a racial identity issue with your low self esteem don’t try and drag us down to your confused state of being.

  15. Not a single cool person in the whole video…where did you find all these clowns some liberal art college? Biased group… throw in a welder from a shop, or a farmer, or a real working individual. This sample group is atrocious. I work at an oil refinery and I love escargot. These chumps know nothing of the finer things of life. Shame.

  16. Judging a whole continent by a few foods is just absurd. For most people here its delicious and there's culture and history behind it. America doesn't have any culture when it comes to food and most other stuff too, and I'm sorry to say it but it's true. Europe has a long and impressive history you don't need to understand every aspect of it but at least respect it.

  17. The should see 'trippa' from Italy then… XD Basically the stomach lining of the cow, with tomato sauce and beans. I swear it's delicious.

  18. Yammy. But where is garlicbread with escargot. Bloodpudding is great with lingonberrys and beer. OMG fake haggis! Real one is good!!! Love Scotland. Lutefisk. What can I say. Fish that tastes like an egg. My parents liked it and we had this every chistmass with white sauce. We kids never liked this one.

  19. that all is normal food in vietnam except the last thing. may be we cook in diffent way, but they are good teast

  20. When you're so privileged you can criticize all these foods that were borne from necessity. You'd be amazed at what you'd eat when you're starving.

  21. I hate escargots ! They taste like garbage ! I don't know who the frick thought it was a good idea to eat snails… I'm French btw, that's why I'm salty.

  22. I love when the Europeans sample American foods and over react; however they eat blood pudding and stuffed sheep stomachs. Oh please!

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