Americans Try Bizarre American Foods

– What? – [Voiceover] Lady’s Brunch. – Oh, hell yeah. – Ladies eat this? – Who eats this thing? – So, it looks like it’s
just a regular cheeseburger except there’s egg, bacon, and of course, a Krispy Kreme as the bun. – Let’s do this. – Whoa. – It tastes pretty much exactly how you think it would taste. – It’s delicious. Is it an innovation on
a standard burger? No. – It looks like a peanut butter sandwich but there’s white on it? – Is that Marshmallow Fluff? – This better not be
mayonnaise and peanut butter. – Whoa. That’s not Marshmallow Fluff. – Is it mayonnaise? – That’s mayonnaise and peanut butter. – This is mayonnaise? – It’s actually good. – Better than I thought it would be. – [Voiceover] When you
first told me Scrapple, I thought it was going to be a drink. – It’s like trimmings
and stuff. It’s fried. – It smells like meat. It doesn’t have a bad flavor but it has a really weird texture. – Just to, it has a winning
formula for human food; fat, meat, put that on fire, and you got delicious. – [Voiceover] So here, we have olive loaf. – This looks like a cartoon food. – It’s the meat equivalent
of a fruitcake, right? – I mean, I don’t know
why it’s just olive. There should be other
things embedded in it, like even more meat. – Oh my God. – Nope. Definitely no. – Yeah, it’s like really
salty, but I don’t hate it. – I don’t know when you would be like, “Oh, give me olive loaf,” as opposed to, “Give me ham, or give me Spam, or give me turkey or anything else.” – Olive loaf. It’s better than bologna. – [Voiceover] Oh, are
these Kool-Aid pickles? – What? – What the f- – I hate pickles but I love Kool-Aid. – Just purely from an
aesthetic standpoint, this is beautiful. – Good. – I’ve never eaten like
a full pickle before, like I take one bite and spit it out, but I’m going to eat this whole pickle. I bit my tongue. F- – Better than a normal pickle? Yeah.

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  2. I saw a red pickle in a bag today at the gas station and had never seen anything like that before. They told me it was a chamoy pickle. Anyone ever tried that before?

  3. Olive loaf.
    With spicy brown mustard.
    It's so awful but, because I ate it as a child with people I love, I sometimes crave it.
    I do not give in to the cravings though, because God only knows what kinda sad, sketchy meat scraps get pureed into that stuff.

  4. I've never heard it being called olive loaf. I always saw it called p&p loaf. Short for pickle and pimiento loaf

  5. Down here in Arizona/New Mexico, we have piccadilly. Which is a sno cone or slush with finely chopped pickle on top and a packet of kool-aid sprinkled over the pickle. It's popular with us Native Americans.

  6. All of these men have something in common. And that "something" makes me feel sad and uncomfortable. Kinda like the feeling you get when you watch those videos of public humiliation. Like a mixture of shame and cringe.
    Can't quite put my finger on what it is….

  7. Who is the cute dark haired guy? (indian dude?) I love his appetite and fearlessness for trying strange foods. Its hot.

  8. That’s a Luther burger Luther van dross invented that burger 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  9. I live right smack in the Midwest. I live in Missouri. I have never, in my whole 13 years, seen an olive loaf! Way to make the Midwest look bad!

  10. I hate how they do things to the food, like throwing it when they don't like it. It's just, that was grace and we should be thankful for that.

  11. My dad eats peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.
    He also eats banana and mayo sandwiches.
    Idk how the hell he does it…

  12. That's not called The Lady's Lunch!
    Anyone who knows any better (and who has seen Boondocks) knows DAMN WELL that it's called A LUTHER BURGER!!!

  13. As someone who grew up in PA that does not look like real scrapple it’s a peppery weird grey meat that’s shockingly good. But definitely something that would make you vegan for sure

  14. ButterKrisp has those same donut sandwiches and for you stoners out there a grilled cheese donut😍😍 it’s amazing

  15. Does anyone here like mayo and banana sandwiches. I thought it would be gross but the flavors together make it taste really good.

  16. that short-hair girl must have some crushes on her♥️….. i mean she is pretty both as a girl and as a boy♥️

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