There is a green food and drink flavoring
that I’d never heard of before moving to Germany: Waldmeister. And somehow, after living here for many years,
I have still never tried anything Waldmeister flavored But today all that is going to change. Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. Waldmeister is a plant. And “Wald” means forest or woods in English
and “Meister” means master. So literally translated into English, Waldmeister
is forest master or master of the woods. But this plant does actually have an English
name. It’s called either woodruff or wild baby’s
breath. But for this video we’re just going to stick
with the name Waldmeister. Thanks so much to everyone on Facebook and
Twitter for all the suggestions on what I need to try. I’ve got out and bought as much stuff as I
can find. So now let’s try it. And we’re starting with Waldmeister flavored
gummy bears. Here we go. Trying something Waldmeister flavored for
the very first time. Well, it’s a very delicious gummy bear. But I feel like maybe I should have gotten
other flavored gummy bears to try next to it because it just kind of tastes like a gummy
bear. Could be like lime flavored. I don’t know. Tastes good but I don’t especially taste some
sort of flavor that I’ve never had before. Alright, let’s see if I get more of a Waldmeister
kick with this one. This is a powder that people use to make drinks,
and pretty much everyone or every other comment on Facebook and Twitter was you have to try
this! You have to try this! So I’m going to try this, but apparently I
should try it not only in drink form, but actually just eating the powder itself. Just the powder. Oh it’s fizzing! Water’s even, like, jumping out. It’s so excited. It’s like me. Okay. Now that’s definitely a flavor that I haven’t
tasted before. I have no words to actually describe this
flavor. Except to, you know, boringly say it tastes
like Waldmeister. It doesn’t taste like anything else to describe
what it tastes like. Okay now let’s try just the powder. I wonder if it’s going to, like, prickle on
my tongue. Whoa! Oh my God! That is good. Yep. No, that’s the only way you can do it. That is so good! And with that I really taste this different
flavoring that I’ve never had before. What does this taste like? I feel like it’s something between lime and
raspberry flavoring. I don’t know. It is a totally new flavor. After that amazing sugar-rush, now I’m going
to drink something a little calmer. We’ve got Waldmeistertee. In general I’m not a huge tea drinker. Um, so I would just say to describe this that
it looks like tea. I mean it’s not bright green like the other
stuff. It just looks like normal brown tea, and it smells like tea. Yeah, so let’s see if it also just tastes
like tea or particularly tastes like Waldmeister tea. Tastes like tea. It’s a nice lovely, delicious tea. But if someone had just given this to me and
said drink this tea, I wouldn’t have gone: oh wow! That’s, that’s something totally different
that I’ve never had before. Now time for this one. I’m very excited about it. The Berliner Kindl Weisse with Waldmeister taste. And I looked online to see what kind of a
glass you’re supposed to serve this in, and this is the closest thing I have to the glasses
that I saw online. That is so cool! Look at it. That is so cool looking! Alright. I, it just feels so weird to drink beer with
a straw, but that’s what was in the picture, so… That is so good. I think I’ve mentioned this in some other
videos: I’m not really such a big beer drinker, but, yeah, I like this. This is very good. I don’t, yeah, this is good. I feel like I would like to put some ice cubes
in this. I don’t know, is that okay? Can I put ice cubes in this? It’s really good, tastes really refreshing,
but I just think, you know, with a few ice cubes… I hope I didn’t insult anyone with that. It was also suggested that I try sparkling
wine and Waldmeister syrup. So let’s give it a go. Okay, I have no idea how much I’m supposed
to put in so…yeah. Here we go. Was that too much? I don’t know. Looks good. It’s green. That’s nice. Yeah, it just kind of gives it an extra kick. Do I dare just try a taste of this? Oh that’s disgusting. Uh-uh, uh-uh, eh. You do…oh it’s not that bad. Oh! We’re going to move on over to the stove now
and make the Götterspeise. And this will take about 5 or 6 hours to make
so we’re going to make it now and then try it tomorrow. Alright, it’s tomorrow! And interestingly, this is the one that I made with water, and it’s not so wackelig. It’s not really moving so much. And this one is the one with the “Limonade.” And it’s, yeah, it’s more wackelig. I don’t think I could even take it out of the container. What is wackelig in English? Uh, it’s um…alright I gotta look it up. I’m curious now. Now I have to know. It does this. Shaky. – Shaky? – Wobbly. Rickety. Unsteady. – Wobbly! Wobbly, wobbly, wobbly. Trying the water one first. Kind of like with the gummy bear, it’s such
a subtle flavor. It does definitely taste different from raspberry. Of course the Waldmeister flavor is not as
strong as just the syrup. Now let’s try the one with “Limonade.” Okay, yeah, a lot softer. Mmmm! That’s tasty. But the “Limonade” kind of completely took
over the flavor of the Waldmeister, and then this kind of reminds me of just lime. Although, with a slightly different taste
at the end. The Waldmeister is really, really, um…not
quietly there…really subtly there. And we were able to track down a cafe here
in Munich that is currently serving Waldmeister ice cream, so we’re gonna head over there
and see, and hope that they still have some left when we get there. Alright, I got my Waldmeister ice cream. I had to start eating it already because it
was dripping down the cone. It is really tasty. Tastes refreshing, and again kind of like
in the direction of lime, but then not exactly. With, like, it’s own unique flavor to it. So, but yeah, over all tasty flavor. So my question for you is: what flavor reminds
you of your childhood? Please let me know in the comments below. And for me, my answer would definitely be
blue-raspberry. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please don’t forget to show some
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like? I didn’t get any.

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