American Sign Language Food Words : American Sign Language: Drinks

Now I’ll teach you some signs for drinks.
Water, water, you use a “w.” Soda, soda, soda. Types of soda — Pepsi, Pepsi; Coke, Coke,
it doesn’t mean the drug coke, it’s just the sign we use for Coca-Cola. Dr. Pepper —
a lot of the other signs you would actually just finger spell. Juice, juice; apple juice,
orange juice, carbonated water, carbonated water; wine, wine; beer, beer; alcohol, alcohol.
Good job, we’ll review — water, soda, juice, alcohol, beer, wine. Good job.

9 thoughts on “American Sign Language Food Words : American Sign Language: Drinks

  1. It is very narrowly alike.. depending on the concept of the conversation you will know if the person is talking about beer or brown… I tried to sign brown and beer and I do sign it a bit differently.. beer – tip of forefinger and brown -more of bottom of forefinger on the cheek. Don't know if I explain the difference clearly.. LOL

  2. Ok I tried it again.. brown starts with the base of the hand on the cheek and beer starts with the tip of the forefinger hand.

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