American Kids Try Korean Street Food

Appa what is this? What is it?? Mmm! What is that? Is it octopus? I don’t like fish.. Mmm.. I’m not going to eat it until I know what it is.. [It’s a korean pancake] Pancake..? [Yup, it’s a korean pancake] Pan.. Whaaaatttt..?? Nope, not an egg. What is that purple stuff? A baby octopus? [Do you like seafood?] I like milk. What stuff is inside of it? [wheat, flower, egg, salt, mussel, shrimp, squid, scallop, vegetable oil, scallion, bell pepper, onion, jalepeno pepper] Squid!? Ew..squid! Squid?? That’s what the purple stuff is? Squid? Eh.. ew.. Eww.. Wait.. [What does it taste like?] It tastes like what it smells like. I don’t know! I don’t want that anymore. I’m finished. What is that? Oh, so you get to dip this in? I don’t like this either. I do not trust that one bit. Is it an animal? [panting] Can’t eat it. It doesn’t taste right. I don’t like that either– I like this. Ew! These things are clear..I have no idea what they are. nom nom nom 🙁 It’s not good! [It’s korean blood sausage] So I ate blood…? Real blood?? [whimper gag] Eww! What is that? What is that? I don’t want it.. What is it? Is that heart? Is it a lung? What is that? [whimper] Even the dip’s not spice, it tastes like chicken?>:| ew.. ew.. ew.. I don’t like that. It doesn’t taste-look so bad.. Well it does smell good.. I don’t like gushy meat. It’s not good for me. [mhmm! It’s yummy, look it’s pork!] Is it pig? I don’t like pig. Is it bacon? [close!] It’s pork? I know that.. What is the top part? hmph [whimpers] [Do you like bacon?] mhmm. [That’s the same stuff that’s made out of bacon] Whaaaatt? [You’re eating pig’s feet.] Ahugh… You should of had just not told me anything! [Good job! You just ate pork feet!] Feet!? [Pig feet!] :O [Yummy right?]

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