American Girl – My Food Rules!

American Girl – My Food Rules! What a beautiful day girls! Sure is There’s nothing better than relaxing at the beach (Stomach growl) What was that? Oops! Sorry That was my stomach Is anybody else as hungry as I am? Yes! I’m starving! Isabelle, can we have lunch now? Sure! It’s right… here… Oh no! I left the picnic basket at home! I’m so sorry girls… Great! Where can we eat now? Why don’t we go back to my bakery? I think it’s safe to say I have best food in town! Great idea! Let’s pack up and… Hold it, hold it, hold it! What do you mean you have the best food in town? Lots of people think my diner is pretty special! Diner it is! We’ll meet there after… The diner is special Mary Ellen, just not as special as the bakery! How dare you! Girls, girls! Let’s not fight Why don’t we settle this properly! How do we do that? A good old-fashioned cook off! So how is this cook off going to work? Grace has to bake something at the bakery and Mary Ellen can whip up
anything she likes at her diner Most delicious dish wins the title
of best food in town But who’s going to judge us? That’s the best part! Isabelle, Samantha and myself get to be the judges Oooh! Great idea! Sounds good to me, unless Grace is scared Me? Scared? Ha ha Maybe you should bring some tissues with you You’ll need them when you lose That’s enough you two Let the food do the talking On your mark… Get set… Go! Oooomph! Not a great start… What am I going to bake? A chocolate tart? Some croissants? Maybe some pink berry macarons Hmmm… Oooh! Cupcakes! Everybody loves those Alright, let’s get to work! Quick! Quick! On no! I’ve forgotten the recipe What am I going to do? (Crash!) Oh no…! Now look what I’ve done! Calm down Grace You’ve done this hundreds of times Well this should be easy I’ll just whip up some of my wonderful pancakes Little bit of maple syrup and… Hmmm Maybe hotdogs instead… Nah, too easy Oh how silly of me, nothing beats my burgers Although Graces deserts are delicious! Oh… Now I’m nervous What if I forget something? That would be a disaster! Stop! Why am I doing this? I’m an expert at making burgers Grace Thomas… be afraid! We need some flour and some sugar Let’s start with beef mince and some diced onion Throw in a couple of eggs A touch of garlic salt and… Hmmm Nearly forgot! Pepper! Ahhhh, milk and, oooh, some flavouring A hint of mustard And finally… What am I missing? yes, butter! And last of all, a little bit of sauce to spice things up! Now to mix it all together Time to mix and mixing… and mixing… and mixing… and mixing… and… oh, we’re done! That looks good! Pour this mixture into the cases One Two Three and Four! Shape one more burger They look good! Hi Grace What are you making us? Some of my delicious cupcakes Well, I hope they’re delicious! Oooh, yum! Nearly finished? Just about to put these into the oven so maybe another hour How’s Mary Ellen going? We’re going to find out right now See you later Bye! In you go, and please behave yourself! (Ding!) Wow! They look great! I’ll let you cool down Mary Ellen! You nearly finished? Oh, hi guys! I’m just about to cook these hamburgers, so it shouldn’t be too long Hamburgers! Yum! It does smell great in here Yeah! Cant wait to try them See you soon! Please don’t over cook these! Phew! They look good! Nice and cool That means they’re ready for frosting! Alright, time to assemble these burgers! (Squirt!) (Squirt!) (Squirt!) (Squirt!) Yum, yum, yum! Everyone is going to love these! Hamburger first, a bit of ketchup, tomato, cheese, lettuce, lid on top and I think we’re done! I can’t wait to eat Mary Ellen’s hamburger! I know, but Grace’s cupcakes are pretty good too! Well we don’t have to wait any longer Our two chefs are both ready Hi girls, we’re ready! You go first Mary Ellen Thank you Grace! Here you go One scrumptious hamburger for each of you Hmmm, yum! This is really nice Mary Ellen Really? Yeah, really? Oh yeah! Best burger I think I’ve ever had! Oh great! Yipeee! Let’s try these cupcakes now Ok, here you go One for you one for you and one for you Bon Appetit! Well it’s going to be hard to beat that hamburger but… Whoa! Yummo! Hmmm! Delicious! Yeah! How light and moist is that cupcake! Really? Yeah, really? Are you serious? Best cupcake ever! Whoa hoo! Can you two give us a minute? We have a big decision to make Ok! Please, please, please be me! Sure! Please pick me! (Whispering) Alright, we’ve made our decision. And? It was actually a really easy decision to make Oh great! It’s Grace right? Yes Grace has the best sweet treat in town That cupcake was divine! I thought so… …and you have the best savoury dish by far That burger was amazing! What? You mean… …we both win? That’s right They were both great! Cool! Thanks girls! I didn’t think I had much chance
to beat those wonderful cupcakes! Yeah, thanks! I have to admit, that burger smelt pretty good too! You’re welcome You both deserved it What are you cooking for us next? Ahhhhhh…

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