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we’re in Kuching with Sarawak Tourism,
Sarawak is a state on Malaysian Borneo and today we’re gonna be eating a
seafood feast on the top of a carpark building plus we’re gonna be having a
food unique to Sarawak. I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we
hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! we’re eating at Top Spot tonight in Kuching which is a food centre that’s located on the top of a giant carpark building
and we have heard that this is the place to come for a seafood feast,
there are loads of different eateries here and they all have fresh seafood on
ice, there is so much to choose from there’s fresh fish, there’s bamboo cockles,
there’s squid, there’s stingray, there’s giant prawns basically choose what you like
the look of and then the style of cooking that you’re after, we can’t wait to try all of this food we have a gigantic seafood feast, let me
talk you through what we’ve got on our table we are starting with a soup which
is quite sticky and thick and it’s got sea cucumber and egg in it, we’ve got
a steamed manjung which is a type of fish we’ve got fried squid or sotong we’ve
got prawns which have been cooked with spring onion and ginger and garlic and
the smell wafting up from that plate is incredible, we’ve got a sweet leaf
that’s been cooked with some egg and last but not least we have got a plate of midin
which are jungle ferns and they are native to Sarawak we are super excited
to try everything that’s on the table this is midin and it is so beautiful
it’s been cooked with sambal belacan which is a fermented shrimp and chilli
condiment and then the fern itself is called a fiddlehead fern because
you can see the tendril there looks like the top of a fiddle and there are apparently over a thousand varieties of fern in Sarawak but you can
only eat eight or nine of the varieties, crazy, you would really want to get your
foraging right let’s give this a go that’s everything I love in a
vegetable, it’s really crunchy and tastes just so full of flavour, it’s not chewy at
all it’s just been cooked to perfection this is one dish that you have to eat
when you’re in Sarawak, it’s time to dive into this fish next because steamed
fish is best eaten as soon as possible I actually told you incorrectly
what the fish was I said it was manjung but it is actually jenahak which
is golden snapper and it’s just been butterflied as you can see and then it’s
been steamed with some ginger, there’s spring onions,
there’s carrot, I think maybe a little bit of coriander and then it’s just bathing
in this sweet soy sauce with a bit of oil let’s just dive into it, oh I barely
prodded it and it totally just fell apart it is so tender and I can just
lift that meat up, look at that, I’m gonna put that in
my bowl and eat it with a little bit of the ginger as well as that will make for
a really tasty mouthful hopefully okay, let’s go oh lost the piece of fish, mmmm it’s just been steamed to the point where it’s just right, it’s been whisked off the heat, it’s just melt in your mouth
I love steamed fish because the flavours of the seafood or the fish can really
shine it’s not overwhelmed by other flavours it’s really simple the ginger’s
quite strong and the fish is just super sweet, that’s just going to go so
well with this white rice that midin which I tried again in that
mouthful, this spread is really good so far I’ve managed to grab this giant piece of
sea cucumber so you can see it gets cut really thin and it’s just sort of curled
up here so let’s try just the sea cucumber portion got a really good texture, it’s got a tiny
bit of chew but it’s quite slippery tastewise, a little bit like the ocean
but really it just has the overall flavour of the soup actually like the sea
cucumber flavour oh now it’s going really bitter
oh yeah it’s gone really bitter now that the soup has all come off it oh
that’s really interesting oh it’s made my tongue go all tingly too, it’s really cool, hang on let’s just try I’ve got more sea cucumber but more soup this time yeah this is really good, this is really
good it’s gonna like balance out all these other stronger flavours like the
chili and garlic and stuff yum I’ve got to bite into these juicy looking prawns, so they’ve been cooked with rock salt, spring onion, there’s garlic and they smell so heavenly they almost smell like garlic butter and then there’s this light batter, they’re still in their shell, I’m just gonna rip that shell off, comes off pretty easy, oh no, oh yea okay so that, that was the shell, I thought
that was the batter but the shell it actually really thin and then there’s that
light crust over it so I’m gonna pull that apart and give that a bite so garlicky, really juicy and plump and
it’s still got a little bit of chew that’s just such a great flavour
combination garlic, spring onion just really punchy flavours, that’s a great bite I’ve gotta talk more about these jungle ferns or midin they are
really, really tasty and these have to be hand harvested in the jungle, like foraged, so they’re pretty special these look at this giant mouthful they’ve
got so much crunch, they’ve got that life of a green, that lively
flavour, the crunch, burst with juice sweetness, it’s got that sambal
belacan on it so it’s got a little spice, they are absolutely awesome this spread is absolutely awesome too,
we’re enjoying every dish so much there’s so much food so let’s dive in and just
clean this all up it’s not gonna be hard that was an awesome meal the hustle and bustle here is incredible there’s so many people all locals which
is great at the seafood stands there’s just everyone’s diving in grabbing what they
want, seafood’s flying in all directions and it was awesome such a good meal,
absolutely awesome food loved it it was so so good, thank you to Sarawak
Tourism for making this experience possible we are loving our time in
Kuching, Sarawak, remember to give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it, hit
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we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, jumpa lagi, jumpa lagi!

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