Adults Try April Fools’ Food | People Vs. Food

– I’m sorry, but this
is not ice cream. – Are we in the Twilight Zone?
What’s going on? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Okay guys,
it’s time for another episode of People Vs Food.
– All right. I’m with it.
– I’m here for it. – (FBE) So today,
you’re gonna be trying some of our favorite
classic comfort foods. There’s been a lot of debate
online recently of what is a comfort food
and what isn’t a comfort food. – Dang.
– This is pretty sweet. – Yeah, I’m expecting really
fattening, greasy food. – This sounds great.
I love comfort foods like mac and cheese. – My taste buds explode,
then that’s comforting for me. – For me, it’s more of
it’s a food that makes me sink lower and lower
into the couch. – Something super warm
like a giant bowl of mac and cheese.
– See, I just think it’s anything that you can’t
justify when you’re not sad. Where you’re like,
“Can I have a triple decker ice cream sandwich
when I’m just meh?” – Yeah, you can. – How does it go?
Bring it hither. – Give it here, Malfoy. – (FBE) Let’s go ahead and bring out
your first comfort food. – A sandwich? – Yum, yum.
– Hell yeah. – (FBE) One of the most
simplistic and popular comfort foods,
this grilled cheese is made with two thick slices of bread,
a blend of fine smelted cheeses and love.
– Love. – It looks good.
– It looks like it’s made with love. – That’s grilled cheese?
– That’s not grilled cheese. – That ain’t no grilled cheese.
– That’s butter on bread. – And love?
– Wait, whoa, hold on. What kind of cheese is this?
– I know, it looks weird. – Oh, the bread is like–
– Oh my God. – Do you hear it?
Squeeze your bread. Can you hear that?
– Oh yeah, it’s like a sponge. – Yeah.
– It’s like a cheese spread. It’s so sweet. – Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
– That’s not grilled cheese. That’s icing.
That’s icing. You can smell it.
That’s icing. – That’s cake and frosting. – It’s like cake.
– Cake, yeah. Wait, that’s not grilled cheese. – This isn’t grilled cheese.
– This ain’t a normal grilled cheese.
– It’s like cake. Oh my God.
– It tastes exactly like lemon cake. Wait, is this how bread’s
supposed to taste like? – I’ve been making grilled
cheeses wrong my whole life. – (FBE) Grilled cheese is one
of the oldest foods. There are ancient Roman
cookbooks that mention putting cheese and bread together,
but this kind of toasted cheese sandwich first appeared
in the 1920s. The term “grilled cheese”
wasn’t even popularized until the 1960s.
– Wait, so why are you guys still saying that this–
this is clearly not cheese. – Yeah, there’s no way
this is just bread. – Is this cheese?
– Seriously, this is a grilled cheese?
No, it’s not. – I’m so confused.
Is this the real thing or are– – That’s cream cheese icing.
– Got it. – But the grill mark though.
– That’s impressive. – This is like a catfish
grilled cheese sandwich. I was fully expecting to taste
savoriness and then it was all sweet. – I’m uncomfortable.
– I’m confused. I don’t know what
I’m supposed to be eating. – (FBE) Are you guys ready
for your next food? – Yeah.
I still don’t believe you guys. I feel like the next one’s
gonna be something and it’s not something. – (FBE) Let’s bring out
your next food. – Oh baby.
– Wait, wait, whoa. This is gravy.
Hold on. – (FBE) Your next food
is an ice cream sundae. – No, no, okay.
See, hang on, hang on. We’re getting this all
mixed up. – This does not look
like an ice cream sundae. This looks like mashed potatoes,
maybe cranberries and some beef.
– (FBE) The country’s most popular ice cream flavor,
vanilla, is best served in a sundae like this one.
Covered with sugary syrup and topped with
a delicious cherry, this classic breakup food
has been the source of comfort for many a spurned lover.
– Uh-huh. This looks like gravy,
sun-dried tomatoes, and mashed potatoes.
That’s the opposite. Is it opposite day? – Why is it hot?
– No, this is pepper or tomato. – I’m sorry, but this
is not ice cream. – Is this a Black Mirror
episode? I’m kinda scared.
This isn’t– what do you mean
this is vanilla? This is clearly
a biscuit and gravy. – You guys are fooling us
but I will enjoy it. I just don’t like the lies.
This looks good though. – What is this?
– Oh, it’s just not– yeah.
It’s not an ice cream sundae. There’s no ice cream in this. – Okay.
– My kind of ice cream. – I’m really glad we didn’t
bite into it thinking it was ice cream.
That would have been [bleep] up. – This is super delicious.
I kind of enjoy this being out of an ice cream cup, too.
I’m really into this. – (FBE) So fun fact
about ice cream sundaes. – Oh my God! – (FBE) Ice cream sundaes
have been around for more than a hundred years.
On a Sunday afternoon in 1892, a pharmacy owner had
added cherry syrup to two bowls of plain ice cream
in order to impress his church’s reverend.
– Yeah, this isn’t ice cream. It looks like ice cream.
Like a savory version of ice cream.
– I don’t know what’s going on. – Are we in the Twilight Zone?
What’s going on? – I’m sitting at the front
of the church now, reverend. I’ll give you a gravy sundae.
– (FBE) If this ice cream sundae is giving you a brain freeze,
you can just run your tongue along the roof of your mouth
to calm down your temperature sensors.
– Dude, it’s literally scalding hot.
Hold the bottom of it. – Yeah, what do mean?
– There’s steam coming off of it. – I ate cake and now
I’m eating a chalupa in a bowl. I don’t even know
what this is, but ugh.
I’m having a bad– – I’m a fan. – (FBE) Are you guys ready
for your next food? – [Bleep].
Are these rice krispie? – Are they trying to make it–
– Buffalo wings? – (FBE) These are boneless
chicken wings with ranch. – [Bleep] that. – (FBE) While plain fried chicken
is probably more popular of a comfort food,
– What the [bleep]’s going on? – I don’t know what’s going on.
I’m scared! – (FBE) But the popularity
of this spicy treat can’t be denied.
Made with the same Frank’s red hot sauce that’s been
smothered on chicken since the 1920s, these wings
are the perfect addition to any sports game.
– What’s the red stuff? You try it first.
– I’m trying this celery stick with ranch dressing.
I’ll play along. – We’re eating healthy.
– It reminds me of healthy. – Okay, okay.
Try the– what is this?
– It’s supposed to be– that’s a rice krispie treat.
What is it covered in? – It’s super sticky,
so it’s gotta be syrup. – Or it could be a melted
hard candy. – Okay, well…
– I’m not mad at it. I don’t know how I feel
about this ranch. – What is the seasoning
on this? Tastes like candy corn. – It does feel like
I’m eating a wing, just the positioning of my fingers.
– Close your eyes and just feel it.
Feel the wing fantasy. – It’s like marmalade.
Jelly? Tastes like a jelly or–
right? Is it just rice krispie with strawberry jelly on it?
– Probably. – I think that’s what it is.
It’s actually pretty good. – (FBE) Fun fact,
the average American eats roughly 90 hot wings a year,
with an estimated 1.25 billion wings being consumed
during the Super Bowl alone. – Damn.
Hell yeah. – Half of those are mine,
I’m pretty sure. – This would be a much
different sport snack. – Wow.
I’m sure I eat more than 90 wings a year.
– I eat wings once a week. – Are they just trying to get–
[bleep] with our heads? – I think so.
– It’s working. – Yeah, I know.
It is, too. – (FBE) All right, let’s see
your next food. All right, so your next
food is a slider and fries. Hamburgers and fries
are high in fat, carbohydrates, and sodium,
all the hallmarks of classic comfort food.
– What the– It’s definitely a piece
of brownie between two little cakes. – (FBE) This cheeseburger
is topped with the works and served with a side
of crispy, perfectly salted fries. – So, this is cake.
This is for sure cake. – Play-Doh, girl.
– That’s probably fondant. – I don’t even know
if this is a [bleep] fry. Eh, what is that?
– It’s a fruit. – What kind of fruit?
– Apple? – That’s super sweet.
That’s a brownie. That’s cake. – Let me try this burger.
– “This burger.” It’s all frosting.
Gross. What is the cheese?
– Yeah, don’t bite it like a burger.
That was stupid. That was frosting. – That wasn’t great.
It was just cake and icing, but I still don’t know
what’s going on. – (FBE) Fun fact,
in America, roughly 50 billion hamburgers,
including these two, are eaten every single year.
The average American eats three burgers a week
and McDonald’s sells 75 burgers a second.
– A second? – I contribute to that.
– Oh my God. A second?
– Yeah, but look how good they are? Don’t you want 57 of these
bad boys a second? – No. – I feel like burgers are
the American delicacy. It’s what we’re known for.
– I feel like burgers are just American culture. – Just weird eating a food
you are telling us we’re supposed to be eating
is savory right now and you’re biting into sweet,
so it’s kinda throwing my brain off, I feel like.
– Yeah, it’s really confusing and uncomfortable
to say the least. – (FBE) This is your very
last food, spaghetti and meatballs.
– Ooh. – (FBE) Because of its
low cost and easy preparation, spaghetti with red sauce
is one of the most popular comfort foods.
– Boy. – (FBE) This spaghetti was
made with traditional noodles, red sauce that simmered
for eight hours, and perfectly seasoned
meatballs. – What is this?
Is this a brownie, probably with some Yoplait
with a little coconut Parmesan. It’s a little hot. – Oh wait.
It’s ice cream. – Yes.
– I’m down for the pasta, not the red sauce.
– You don’t like the red sauce? It’s strawberry.
– It’s just too sweet. – It’s a little cold,
but good flavor. – I know for a fact
that this is not spaghetti. I’m Italian.
I know spaghetti. This is not spaghetti. – (FBE) So, fun fact
about spaghetti, spaghetti has twice been
the star of elaborate April Fools pranks.
The first time was in 1957 when the BBC aired
a special explaining how spaghetti grows
on trees. The second time
was in this react video. – Oh my God.
– Oh my God, it took us this long
to get this joke. – Oh.
It makes a lot more sense now. – Jesus Christ. – (FBE) All of the foods
that you guys have been trying today are classic
April Fools foods. They are popular memes
on the internet that people serve
their friends to confuse them on April Fools Day.
– Now it makes sense. Fakeout comfort.
I like it. – That’s super smart.
– I’ve never seen that. – I’ve never seen that.
– You just got April fooled really good.
– Yeah. – That was great. – Everyone who played along
just like, “This is a normal episode.
We’re just eating comfort foods.” And they wouldn’t say anything
and I think that’s what was throwing me off
was that everyone had a deadpan face
as we were freaking out. – (FBE) So, the first food
that you guys ate was not a grilled cheese.
It was pound cake with icing. – Okay, yeah.
– Figured as much. – No.
– I wouldn’t have– I couldn’t tell. – (FBE) Your second food,
you had an elaborate mashed potato sundae,
including gravy, sun-dried tomatoes
and ground beef. – Yeah. – That sounds really good.
I wish I could go back and have it more.
Now it looks good. – (FBE) Your third food,
instead of chicken wings, we gave you rice krispie
treats with a candy glaze. – Oh.
– Figured it all out. Let’s go. – (FBE) Your burger
was cupcake, brownie, and fondant.
– Ah. – (FBE) And spaghetti ice cream.
– Interesting. – I feel like it takes
a long time. Like, “Oh my God,
I’m gonna build a burger out of these sweet stuff.”
I don’t feel like I would have put my time
into it, but I mean, it’s funny. – Once I found out
it was a dessert thing, I was like, cool,
’cause I was waiting for spiders or crickets
or something. This was fun.
– I’ve learned to not question free food,
so as long as it’s edible, I’m fine with it. – Thanks for watching us
eat April Fools foods on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every day. – Which of these fakeout foods
do you wanna try? Let us know down
in the comments. – Bye. – Hi, React producer
Mary here. If you wanna help us
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Happy April Fools Day.

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