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Hi Guys,
Welcome to my kitchen, The ‘K’ Kitchen Aachar also known as Pickle is one such thing.. If you serve it with any meal,
it is going to add life to your food Although, Pickle is mostly
used as an accompanying element my today’s recipe, the main flavouring
ingredient is going to be Pickle or Aachar We are going to prepare ‘Aachari Pulao’ For making Aachari Pulao, Firstly, we will heat a pan To this, we are going to add some oil to this, we are going
to add some chopped garlic, And grated ginger To this, we are going to
add some sliced onions Onion, Ginger and Garlic add a very nice
flavour to the Pulao I am going to use stuffed red chilli pickle I’m going to
roughly chop this In goes, the chopped pieces
In goes, the chopped pieces/ paste of red chilli pickle We’ll give this a quick stir
For around 1-2 minutes such that the paste release it’s flavours to the onions At this stage, I am going to use some Basmati Rice These were soaked
for approximately
45 minutes About 2 cups of rice
goes into the mixture Next, goes in 2 cups of water We’ll add very little
amount of salt to this Since Aachar/ Pickle
already has salt in it Let it come to a good boiling state
Next, we are going to close the lid and cook it! The rice mixture has come to a good boil now We’re going to add some chopped
spring onions, some chopped
coriander leaves, Now, slightly turn down the gas to sim And, close the lid of the pan Until the rice mixture cooks properly and comes to a boil and all the water is evaporated This will take some time… Our Pulao is ready! And, now it’s time to turn off the gas and check Wow! Look at that. We’re quickly going to serve this Pulao into a bowl Every single strand of rice is cooked well Still very moist and piping hot Look at that bright yellow colour! There,
We’re going to garnish the Pulao with some fresh coriander leaves That’s it. Our delicious Aachari Pulao is ready!

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  1. So nice Recipe ❤️👍 ❤️👍 ❤️❤️👍 ❤️👍 ❤️❤️❤️👍 ❤️👍 ❤️👍 ❤️❤️❤️👍 ❤️

  2. i had a question that why did you use 2 cups of water rather than 4 cups of water because u used 2 cups of rice. I thought that rice are always cook with 2 to 1 ratio

  3. Wow Kunal, mujhse toh khula pulao kbi b khila khila ni banta,cooker mein toh Kuch theek thaak ban bJata h.Ap kya jadoo krte ho?Mazaal h ek Dana b chipak Jaye😂God bless u.

  4. Hello chef….m glad to share with u that my mom prepares the same thing the only difference is she makes this of left over rice.. at the end she adds chopped coriander …the taste of it becomes devine…

  5. During my school days,I remember taking hot rice mix with spicy mango pickle then have…yummy … my family, they use to make fun of me..

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  7. Assalamualaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu KK Sirji .Masha ALLAH Mouth Watering recipe n yummy. Thank you so much for the recipe. ALLAH bless you .Ameen YaRabbul Alameen. 💞💞💞💞💞

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  10. I am South Indian I don’t know how to make authentic achar any kind but I like the falvor pls chef could you make a video on achar .. I live in US we go to lunger my kids love punjabi food I want to learn pls make a video

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