A step towards ending homelessness at the RH Emergency Winter Warming Shelter

I don’t know what we’d be doing.>>Right.
>>I guess we’d be out there in the cold. [LAUGH]
>>We are at the RH emergency winter warming shelter,
where we’re providing warm beds and three meals a day for
77 individuals, couples and families that are experiencing homelesness
in the Fresno area this winter. Our goal is to not only just
provide warm beds and good food. But also to help these individuals and families transition into
permanent housing solutions. While they’re staying here at our shelter,
we are completely funded by our organization,
as well as donations from the community. And the mission is to end
homelessness in the Fresno area. We hope to transition
many of the individuals, couples and families as well as their
pets into permanent housing solutions by the end of our operations
in February 2020.>>I’ve been on the streets for
a little over 20 years on and off as a truck driver. I lost my wife three years ago. It’s cold and me my boy just
couldn’t deal speech anymore. And so these Wayne and Brad and
his team got me off streets and they put to get me housing,
to give me my SSI. And it’s great. This place is awesome. They feed us everyday, they clothed us. If we need anything,
they try to see what they could do. And I think this place is awesome. So if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be alive. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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