A Quiet Place (2018) KILL COUNT

100 thoughts on “A Quiet Place (2018) KILL COUNT

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  2. How would no one be able to realize that something with extremely good hearing would be weak to extremely high frequencies before then?

    Or is this just the trope that the only way these situations could happen would be in a completely dysfunctional world?

  3. okay but how did the mom have a BABY without at least making some sound??? and the baby usually cries when it comes out..??

  4. I watched cause we are watching it in class..but the teacher talks to much..and talks about a lot of the scenes..so im just here for a quick review

  5. you should do a pooka! one it on hulu the hulaween section I know the hulaween one sounds but trust me it is a thing.

  6. God I fucking find it so uncomfortable when the wife steps on the nail because not too long ago i stepped on a nail myself and it hurts like a bitch

  7. I went to Google to see John Kresinsky (IDK how to spell) thought of the idea for the movie. At the end it said that they are planning a Part 2 for Quite Place at 2020. If it's true I cannot wait!

  8. “I’m not gonna put the alien on the count” bruh he counted Pennywises (the mini series version) death and his true from is like an giant alien spider

  9. So, creatures that use sound to hunt things, hmm, how exactly have we not dealt with them already? 😅 i mean, im pretty sure that soundwave type weapons were a thing a few years ago, i mean, if a feedback is enought to make them feel distress, well, what would a feedback machine the size of a truck do?
    I mean, yeah, sure, it sucks to see it this way but it helps my paranoid mind feel safe knowing we could actualy end the whole scenario in a few months if it happend for real 😅

  10. When the father screamed to save the kids i started crying so much that when i went to sleep my eyes were still red because i still cried after i was done watching the movie

  11. I'm listening to this video with my earphones on and with the volume level on the lowest, whilst wrapped up in my duvet, tucked up in my wardrobe.

    If I get slaughtered by aliens I'll definitely be pressing dislike..

  12. "Aww it was just a couple of cute trash bandits. You can't be squealing all loud like that little buddies or else you're gonna wind up being"

    " ALIEN FOOD "

    "Along with their beautiful new replacement baby."

    "Look! ~It's a babe in a box~"

  13. This movie was just ok i went to the theater and was unimpressed not to say the acting performances wernt good i just thought it was a meh film

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