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Hello, good day to everyone Welcome to Iloilo, the home of the Dinagyang
Festival. I’m Cidj and I’m going to take you on a tour. Iloilo is known for old houses,
old churches, and of course, all our good food. Let’s go! Hello, today we’re here at Roberto’s. Roberto’s is one the most popular eateries in Iloilo. Did you know that Roberto’s is already turning 42 years old? It was established in 1978. Let’s go inside! We’re lucky that we came in early because there’s no line yet. We ordered the bestselling
food today at Roberto’s. Of course, we have the meatballs, lumpiang
Shanghai, pancit guisado, cheeseburger, and the crowd favorite, the Queen Siopao. Here’s a bit of trivia: Roberto’s Queen Siopao used to be available only during Thursdays. Because of the demand, they had
to make it every day. Guys, let’s eat. One of the breakfast staples of Ilonggos
is pandesal from Panaderia ni Pa-a, which perfect with any sandwich filling
and is also good paired with coffee. Panaderia ni Pa-a was built by Uy-Pa in
1896 and this is considered as “pre-war pandesal”. Make your day extra happy with a caffeine
fix in La Paz public market, here in Madge Café. Madge Café opened in 1940. Let’s go inside. They serve coffee with beans sourced from
local farmers. There’s more to Madge than just coffee. They also serve breads and cakes and you can also bring in produce and fruits from the La Paz public market. That’s why it’s a favorite of
Ilonggos from all walks of life. We are here at Netong’s, original special
La Paz Batchoy in La Paz public market. Batchoy is made with pork intestines, liver,
bone marrow, garlic and you have a choice of noodles you want to go in your batchoy. It could be bihon, misua, sotanghon, or miki noodles. What I like about Netong’s is they offer unlimited caldo (broth), garlic, and chicharon. No Ilonggo food trip will ever be complete
without fresh seafood and sugba (grilled dishes). Now, I’m taking you to Breakthrough,
in Villa Beach, Arevalo, where the seafood is always fresh and the food is always delicious. Breakthrough was first established in 1987 in their Lopez Arcade branch. Now, we are here at their Villa Beach branch, which
was established in 1990. Their bestsellers include grilled managat, baked scallops, kinilaw na tanigue, and their sizzling crab meat,
which are all best paired with aligue rice. Other favorites in Breakthrough are the
Valenciana, which will remind you of your mom’s cooking because it is homey and delicious. They have bangongon with gata, and the seasonal Camantaja, which is also known as mantis shrimp. Ilonggos love soup Other than batchoy, we also love kansi. Kansi is slow-cooked beef and bone marrow
which may be eaten as is or paired with rice. Now, we’re here at Pat-Pat’s, which opened
their doors to the Ilonggos in the 1990s in their old branch in E. Lopez, Jaro. Right now, you can find it on Seminaryo Road,
Jaro, Iloilo City. One of the most famous places to get pasalubong in Iloilo is found in the Molo area, which is Panaderia de Molo, that was established
by the Jason sisters in 1872. They are popular for their Hojaldres and Galletas, which
is handmade and processed the traditional way. So here in Panaderia de Molo, we have Hojaldres,
galletas, banadas, prinsipe, broas, rosquetes, kinamuncil, biscocho, and more. Never leave Iloilo without stopping by at
Biscocho House. Biscocho House may be found near
Jaro Plaza, in Iloilo City. It’s a good place to get pasalubong such as biscocho, butterscotch, and toasted mamon, which are all popular with the tourists. Our bestsellers are obviously biscocho and
butterscotch. But aside from those two, we also have other
tasty offerings like galletas, toasted mamon, garlic toast, butter toast, barquillos, and
an Iloilo original, pinasugbo. We also have piaya, the polvoron, and many
others. So that sums up our Iloilo food trip where
everything is delicious and everything is affordable, and there’s always something for everyone. Come back and we’ll eat our way through Iloilo!

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  1. Doumo arigato sir Cidj for one of the people to appreciate Takoyaki Sensei Iloilo Branch..

    Mabuhay ang Ilonggo dishes..
    We love Iloilo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    #NambawanSaSarap Talaga

  2. Namit gid!!! Babalikan ko talaga yung mga hindi ko nakainan dito. Iloilo is one of my favorites… the people just made me feel at home, kahit stranger ako, kinakausap ako ng mga nakakasabay ko sa jeep.

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