14 thoughts on “A Feast for Odin Gameplay Runthrough

  1. My favourite game of 2016/early 2017. Beating out Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail. Probably not Rahdo's cup of tea since it's quite sandboxy but lets see what he says.

  2. I love how you don't give a crap about Jen…..you care more about what "you" are doing and then you're like "I think Jen will do this action that doesn't have any bearing on my gameplay nor will it actually benefit her in the long run, but Jen is probably stupid, so we'll let her do that." lol

  3. You've got it set up a bit wrong. There should only be 2 mountain strips showing at the start of a 1, 2, or 3 player game. It's only the 4-player game that starts with 3 mountain strips.

  4. "The Ting" is actually where important matters were discussed. Usually the chief were arbiter.

    Now in the Nordic countries it stand for the parliament. We have Altinget (All ting(?) – Iceland, One of the worlds oldest parliament), the Folketing (Peoples Ting – Denmark), Stortinget (Large Ting – Norway), Lagtinget (Guild Ting(?) – The Faeroe Islands, also one of the worlds oldest parliament), Landting (The Lands Ting – Greenland), and then in Sweden: Riksdagen (Diet of the Realm, they will be different). 😉 (not to be confused with the German Reichstag before WWII)

    Apologies to anyone for my horrible translation. 🙂

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