8 American Foods That Aren’t Born In America

[Music] it really shouldn’t be too surprising we all know that the United States of America is a younger country and a land of immigrants so many boots and staple ingredients taken for granted today came from somewhere else in this video I want to share with you ain’t surprising American foods I used to thought were born in America number 8 doughnuts with its iconic round ring shape glazed or topped with sugar the famous American dessert food has been around for hundreds of years the modern doughnut came to New York City through Dutch immigrants who baked and sold poorly cakes even it’s not born in the United States but it has a national tank known as national donut day is on the first Friday of June each year hamburger is the seven food it has become synonymous with American cuisine however it comes from Hamburg Germany people had been placing meat between slices of bread for centuries before but Americans were there touch by adding slice of cheese lettuce pickled tomato onions and bacon speaking about bacon it’s not American also the origins of bacon actually date back to the ancient cells and the cells were a European cultural group first evident in the 7th or 8th century before Christ both the Romans and the Greeks called them barbarians anyway Americans consume 70 percent of their bacon with breakfast but the crispy salty meat also stars as a cent which ingredient and obviously a cent which wouldn’t be complete without its condiment counterpart ketchup mustard and mayonnaise are not Americans while the curve of his Chinese the mayonnaise is half French half Spanish and a must goes back to the Romans Empire era they were probably the first to experiment with the preparation of mustard as a condiment they mixed unfermented grape juice with ground mustard seeds to make the mustard on the other hand the ketchup was first born in China which was originally a fermented fish sauce and it was copied by the British in the 18th century the honour of the mayonnaise goes to the French but others here and say that the sauce was not a French invention it’s actually a Spanish sauce that the french appropriated so what do you think is it French or Spanish peanut butter is number four in our list it’s a food paste for spread made from ground dry roasted peanuts the real origin story starts with the ancient Incas and Aztecs grinding peanuts into a paste in 1884 the Canadian Marcellus Gilmore Edson obtained a patent for describing the process of milling roasted peanuts until the peanuts reached a fluid or semi fluid state so it’s not American at all at first peanut butter was approved for wealthy people but nowadays the United States is a leading exporter of peanut butter and itself consumes a hundred million dollars of peanut butter annually number three Apple putt well the famous American apple pie is not American first of all apples themselves aren’t American on top of that apples and pie were married to one another long before actually the oldest surviving apple pie recipe was published around 1390 in of Queen Elizabeth in England but it was made without sugar so it was Sweden later in the 19th and 20th centuries apple-pie became and it’s kills a symbol of American prosperity and national pride KitKat is not American also yeah that’s true the chocolate-covered wafer bar confection was created by the company Roundtree’s of York in the United Kingdom following on from its success in the United Kingdom the Swiss company Nestle acquired KitKat through the purchase of Roundtree’s this gave Nestle at global control over the brand accepted in the u.s. it was under the control of the Hershey Company Nestle which has a substantial presence in the US had to honor the licensing agreement when it bought Roundtree in 1988 which allowed Hershey to retain the KitKat license so long as her she was not sold as KitKat is one of Hershey’s top five brands in the US market the first food in this list is the hotdog unfortunately for American pride the hotdog is decidedly not an American invention the history of the dish may begin with the creation of the sausages which are originated to the Roman Empire the modern hot dog or frankfurter actually originated in modern-day Germany and Austria in both cities Vienna and Frankfurt claim ownership of the hot dog named Vienna sausages and frankfurters it is a cultural war indeed anyway Americans consume about 20 billion hot dogs every year greetings

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