7 Most Expensive Meals In The World

– You won’t believe how much Burger King is charging for a hamburger. – Let’s talk about that. – Good mythical summer. – Now I will admit, I enjoy
indulging in a lavish experience every once in a while,
like paying extra for guac or taking an Uber during surge pricing. But when it comes to indulging, some restaurants take
upgrading to the extreme. I rock the mic like a vandal. Some people understood that. Now, two years ago we showed you some of the most expensive
meals you can purchase, but a lot can happen in two years. So let’s see what some
of the most expensive menu items are now. It’s time for You Might Be a Hater ‘Cause the Price Tag on These
Meals is as Big as a Crater, But Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waiter. Link Neal, come on down. You’re the only contestant
on Expensive Meals. Welcome, pull up a chair. How are you, Mr. Neal? – Great. – Is your family with you? – Yeah, my family is right over there. Hey. – Hey, family. – I’m on. I’m on this game. – He made it to the big time. Okay, we are also joined by
the multi-talented Stevie. This is the White version of Stevie. – Hello. – That’s the only version I’ve ever seen. – Here’s how this is gonna work. I’m going to describe a very expensive restaurant menu item to you, – Love it.
– And I’m gonna give you two different prices that it might be. You have to guess the correct one. If you get four right, you
get to enjoy your very own gold dusted cupcake. – Gold dusted cupcake? – Gold dusted by Goldust himself. – Nice. – I have connections. – Alright, okay. – Here’s the first one. If you want to order this dessert, you better start saving
because it is not cheap. You should really start
saving either way though. It’s a great habit. Anyway, this is the Fortress
Stilt Fisherman Indulgence. Yes, that’s what it’s called, which is served at the
Fortress Spa in Sri Lanka. It features an Italian
spongecake known as cassata flavored with Bailey’s and
comes with a fruit compote and an 80 carat aquamarine stone. Link, how much is the Fortress
Stilt Fisherman Indulgence? Is it $4,500 or $14,500? – Sri Lanka. – It’s expensive either way, brother. – Dang, I thought this was
expensive until this number was $10,000 more expensive.
– Exactly. Yeah, who would have thought?
– Getting crazier. And look how small it is. – Right, there’s no sense of scale though. That man may be six feet tall. – Okay, that’s a good point.
– We don’t know. – It looks delicious. – It does. – How does it look? – What? – Delicious? – Yeah, it looks delicious. – White Stevie says it looks delicious. – She said it looked delicious. – Put that in the White Stevie journal. – I’ve got to go with the least expensive because that’s still stupid money, $4500. – Let’s show him the right answer. Link, it’s $14,500. – How, why, yeah? – But the feeling of that stone
coming out of you at the end is priceless. – Oh, wow. I can’t, that’s just stupid, stupid money. – Yeah, well, it was
stupid when it was 4500, it just got stupider. Here we go. Peking duck is served all over the world, and one of the most expensive
Peking ducks you can order is not in China, as you might
expect, but in Abu Dhabi, you know, from Sex and City 2. Sex and the City. – Sex and City. – I usually shorten it
because I’m such a big fan. I have to say it so
often, I take the the out. The Peking duck at the
Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi comes from 30 grams of
royal beluga caviar. Here it is being prepared, we have video. – Really? – There’s the duck. I mean, this is a two-man process. There’s the caviar. Really leaves a little bit to
be desired, seeing the video. But how much does it cost, Link? – Especially because the
caviar just came out of a can. They like bought that
at Costco or something. – You can’t get that at Costco. Okay, is it $517 or $1517? – Man, this is outrageous. Can you imagine paying $1500
for a little slice of duck? – I think you get the whole plate. – With some egg on it? That’s ridiculous. Fine, I’ll go with $1517. – Fine, show him the right answer. It’s $517, Link. You’re bad at this. Ironically, the only. – What does it take to be good at it? What would I need to do? – Get the right answers. Guess correctly. I have a few ideas. Ironically, the only
one who can afford this is Scrooge McDuck. – That is ironic. – Duck cannibalism, one
of my favorite subjects. You can’t visit New York
without having a bagel, so why not stop at the
Westin Hotel in New York City for this wildly expensive bagel breakfast? – Now we’re talking about
something I can understand. I’ve eaten a bagel. I’ve purchased a bagel. – The locally sourced bagel is covered with a white
truffle cream cheese and goji berry infused Riesling jelly and is then topped with flakes of gold. How much does this bagel cost, Link? Is it $999 or $1000? – They don’t sell a lot of these. There’s no way. It’s like a gimmick. They probably sell one a year, just so someone can brag about it. – See, I knew it didn’t
register when I said it because I’ve known him for so long, when I said 999 or 1000,
there was no response because he was thinking about what he’s gonna say about bagels. But then he saw it when he
looked at it and it registered. How does that make you feel? – Angry. For two reasons. So you’re telling me someone
paid $1000 for this thing. – Maybe 999. – That’s just. – When you do that, it makes it seem a lot less expensive ’cause of the nine, that’s a sales trick. – Yeah, this is like a
steal all of a sudden. And I’m going with the
marketing gimmick $999. – Do you really think
they need to discount $1000 bagel for one dollar? Show him the right answer. It’s $1000. – But psychologically. – I don’t think the
psychologic, the psychologicy, the psychology is at play with
people who spend this much. Now this may sound like a
ridiculous waste of money, but here’s the thing. It is a ridiculous waste of money. – That’s right, it is. – Link, you’re oh for three. – I’m oh for three. – I think I’m gonna get
to eat that cupcake. – This is a familiar sensation for me. – Fast food isn’t typically
known for its opulence. However, a Burger King in
London had it their way by creating a limited
edition luxury burger known simply as The Burger. That’s a creative title. The Burger is made with
wagyu beef, white truffles, Italy’s finest Pata Negra proscuitto. – I’ll accept it. – And tempura onions prepared
in Cristal champagne. How many stacks do you need
to get this burger stack? Is it $185 or $585? We’re getting into reasonable
burger prices here. – And this is a burger. – This is a burger.
– From Burger King. Now that’s a good-looking
burger, but again, how would anybody in their right mind? You got to have stupid, stupid money to spend almost $200 on a burger. – That’s right. – But since this is a marketing gimmick. – Yep, like the way you’re thinking. – Then I think they went all the way. Nobody bought it, but this
is how much they paid for it. I’m not saying anybody paid 585, but that’s what they priced it. – Right, okay, show him
the right answer, 185. We’re at that point in the game where you usually start
going against your instincts just to get a couple right. It might be the time to pull that trigger. I don’t know, just between me and you. – How does this happen? This is why I’m sitting on so much money because I don’t spend any of it. – That’s right.
– ‘Cause you’ve seen my bank account.
– Because you’re afraid to, I don’t know. I have no point of reference
of how much money is. – How much things should cost. – Alright, Link.
– I just don’t buy it. – You got three more chances, but just to get one right,
you’ve already lost. Three more chances just
to get a question right. I’ll let you have a smell of my cupcake. – It’s so arbitrary. Keep going. – Traveling can be fun, but
it also can make you homesick, especially for some home cooking. That’s why the UK Space Agency hired Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal to make a bacon sandwich
that could be canned and taken into space
and still tastes great. Factoring in the research, transportation, and development costs, how much does this bacon sandwich cost? Is it $280,000 or $2.8 million? – You said factoring in the what? – I said factoring in. – The transportation costs? – The research, transportation,
and development costs. Gotta get that bacon
sandwich up into space. – The only way that it
could be in the millions is if the assumption
was that the only reason they were sending anything,
that rocket into space was to send the bacon sandwich into space. – As opposed to a fraction of
the cost of the flight, right? – And I’m trying to get this wrong now. So I think this is the right
answer, it’s sensational but it’s correct, so I’m
going with the wrong answer, $280,000. – Let’s show him the right answer. – Yes. – Okay, so let me just
explain what happened there. – I was wrong. – You were wrong again. – Right. I did that on purpose. I’ve been doing that on
purpose the entire game. – Yeah, $2.8 million for a bacon sandwich. That’s a lot of money
to spend on something that’s just gonna pass through your anus. They say.
– Uranus joke. – They say alcohol is liquid courage, which you’ll need plenty of
in order to get this cocktail. The Ritz Paris Sidecar
served at Bar Hemingway at the Hotel Ritz Paris is the world’s most expensive sidecar. It’s made with vintage champagne, cognac rumored to have been kept
safe by Nazi soldiers during the occupation,
as well as cointreau. – I’ll accept it.
– And lemon juice. Here it is being shaken and served up. – I’m going to use the Ritz cognac. Here we go, my glasses are
frozen at minus 18.3 degrees. Yes. – That’s as much as a
man like that celebrates when he makes a very, very expensive. – He’s very excited. – Link, how much does this cocktail cost? Is it $1850 or $3000? – It’s just not right. It’s immoral.
– So wrong. – It’s immoral.
– I mean, potentially. But how much does it cost? – Nice even three grand. This sounds like the correct answer to me. So in order to get this wrong,
I’m going to go with $1850. – Let’s show him the right answer. Link.
– Oh, I got one right. – You can’t even get
things wrong correctly. – Dang it. – Okay Link, you’re one for six. – That’s a lot for a
couple of sips, four sips. – It sounds okay, but do you
imagine how good it would be if you dropped a shot of
Jager in that bad boy? – It would be more expensive. – Step aside Taco Bell. There’s a new taco supreme in town. The restaurant Frida in the
Las Velas Hotel in Los Cabos is serving the world’s
most expensive taco. It even cost more than our
GMM Crunchwrap Supreme. It contains caviar, kobe beef,
black truffle brie cheese, and you guessed it, gold flakes. Have a look at this taco. – Wow, look, they’ve got
the tin foil on the thing. – Yeah, well, it’s not tin foil, Link. – Gold foil.
– That’s gold flake. – That’s a big flake. – And that music was
actually coming from speakers inside of the tacos. That’s another thing you
gotta keep in mind with this. – Consume the music. – Which may help to explain the cost. Is it $15,000 or $25,000? Expensive tacos, friends. – Have I said this is stupid? – You have. Plenty of times. You’ve also said it’s immoral. – Oh my goodness. There’s a price for everything. – I’m gonna try to get
this one right again. – Okay, got it. – $15,000 taco, stupid money for a taco. – Let’s show him. It’s $25,000. You can also get some very
expensive tequila to go with it for an additional $150,000. Yes, that is true. But the guacamole still costs $2 extra. Link, I’m sorry. You got one right, which
is not a queen sweep, a negative queen sweep, and it’s not enough to
eat a golden cupcake. – But I’m gonna hold on to that one right for the rest of my life. – Yes, I’m going to.
– You can hold on to the cupcake.
– I’m going to enjoy that golden cupcake. Look at that thing. In Good Mythical More,
I’ll let you smell it. – Now? – Nope. Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Alex. – I’m Stephanie and this is Elaina. – And we’re at Kim’s Barbecue and Seafood in Dunn, North Carolina at the
grand opening ribbon cutting. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Some Dunn barbecue. – Click through to watch
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