6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

six things that happen to your body when
you stop eating meat today we’re seeing a huge hype around being a vegetarian or
even a vegan there’s a lot of buzz around plant-based diets and getting rid
of meat completely people are participating in this dietary trend
because of health reasons or just because it’s becoming a popular thing to
do but for those of you who are trying to join in on the trend there are
actually a lot of health benefits for people who get rid of meat altogether
not eating your favorite juicy steak will have a huge health benefit to you
and your future the longer you do it for the more you’ll start noticing positive
changes in your body whether it’s weight loss more energy or reducing the risk of
heart disease keep watching for a few things to happen to your body when you
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miss our new videos number six inflammation if you are a meat-eater
cheese lover or enjoy highly processed foods
chances are you have high levels of inflammation short term inflammation is
completely normal and necessary while inflammation that lasts for months or
years is not there are many different symptoms associated with inflammation
symptoms can include redness joint pain joint stiffness swollen joints muscular
pain and more if you notice that you are experiencing inflammation you may want
to check on your diet or speak to your doctor about any food related issues
that could be causing inflammation if you tend to eat a lot of meats and do
not eat many fruits or vegetables it may be time to consider changing your diet
plant-based diets are naturally anti-inflammatory being high in fiber
and other phytonutrients people can dramatically lower the inflammation in
their bodies by or fruits and vegetables number five
cholesterol high blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and
strokes the saturated fat that’s primarily found in meat is a driving
force for our cholesterol levels cholesterol is a fat like substance
which is found in the cells of our body according to medical news today
cholesterol can be both good and bad for our bodies when cholesterol is at normal
levels in our bodies it is a good thing in fact cholesterol is an essential
substance for our bodies when at normal levels
but when cholesterol reaches higher levels in our body it can put us at risk
for things like heart attacks cholesterol allows our bodies to produce
vitamin D and make certain hormones but if at a high level it can lead to
coronary heart disease and heart attacks this is because high levels of
cholesterol can narrow arteries which can restrict blood flow high cholesterol
can be caused by a lack of exercise and a bad diet and can be improved by simple
lifestyle changes to reduce levels of high cholesterol doctors recommend
reducing or limiting foods that contain high cholesterol such as cheese
chocolate certain dairy products processed foods and you guessed it meat
when you stop eating meat good things happen to your cholesterol levels
according to forks over knives science has shown that when people go
plant-based their blood cholesterol levels drop by 35% it has been noted
that the decrease is equivalent to taking medications with a number of
positive side effects speak to your doctor about doing a plant-based diet
along with your medication not only does eating meat have certain effects on our
bodies but eating meat also affects the environment do you know how if you don’t
keep watching and I’ll tell you at the end of the video number 4 micro
organisms the microorganisms living in our bodies
are crucial to our overall health by eating meat you ruin the condition of
your microorganisms creating a higher risk for cancer the microorganisms not
only help digest our food but produce critical nutrients train our immune
system turn our genes on and off and protect us from cancer plant foods
actually help shape a healthy intestinal microbiome the fiber in fruits and
vegetables helps the growth of good bacteria in our guts number three genes
by cutting out me you’ll also change the way your genes work according to forks
over knives scientists have discovered that environmental and lifestyle factors
can turn genes on and off through lifestyle changes such as plant-based
diets the expression of cancer genes can decrease specifically for those who have
prostate cancer in their genes number two pre-diabetes
according to forks over knives an estimated 38% of Americans have
pre-diabetes animal protein especially red meat increases the risk of type 2
diabetes they continue to note that omnivores have double the rate of
diabetes compared to vegans and although a vegetarian diet will not cure diabetes
someone who has diabetes can experience benefits over people who eat meat in
their diets certain diets can help control a person’s weight which can
significantly reduce the risk of diabetes related symptoms and
complications eating vegetables fruits and other healthy vegetarian foods can
help improve insulin response and blood sugar control this could help reduce the
risk of diabetes related issues and could also even reduce the amount of
medication a person needs to take according to Mayo Clinic a vegetarian
diet can help significantly reduce a person’s risk of cardiovascular
disease most vegan diets are cholesterol free they are usually low in saturated
fats which can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease which is a very
common symptom or complication of diabetes if you’re considering switching
to a vegan or vegetarian diet speak to your doctor or dietitian to create a
plan that works for you number 1 excess protein people usually believe that they
need protein found in meat but in fact this excess protein actually hurts your
body and in turn it turns into waste and can damage your health
the protein found in whole plant foods actually protects us from various
chronic diseases you don’t even need to take supplements with a plant-based diet
helpline states that although protein is a very important part of our diet
because it can help build and repair organs bones and muscles there are
certain risks in a diet that has too much protein overconsumption of protein
can lead to weight gain over time this is because excess protein is typically
stored as fat while amino acids are excreted and according to health line
excess protein can lead to constipation diarrhea and even dehydration and as if
that wasn’t bad enough excess amount of protein can even lead to bad breath
particularly if you’re on a low-carb diet this can be caused by ketosis which
is a type of metabolic state that your body goes into when on a low-carb diet
ketosis produces certain chemicals which can produce unpleasant smells
now that you know what may happen to your body when you stop eating meat
here’s how not eating meat can help the environment go green generally not
eating meat can have a huge impact on the health of our planet and its
inhabitants it’s been reported that animal agriculture is destructive to the
planet so by not eating it you’re also helping the environment which in turn
helps you raising animals for consumption as food requires a lot of
resources this includes food energy land and water
according to PETA animal agriculture is actually responsible for more greenhouse
gases than all the transportation systems in the whole entire world
combined the United Nations also states that in order to combat these effects of
climate change there needs to be a massive shift in our diets and that more
people need to start eating vegan diets it takes a huge amount of water to grow
crops to use as food for animals and give them water to drink
according to PETA one cow can drink a whopping 50 gallons every single day and
did you know that it takes up to 683 gallons of water to produce one single
gallon of milk this means that it takes over 2,400 gallons of water to create
one single pound of beef tofu on the other hand can be produced with only 244
gallons of water PETA states that by switching to a vegan
diet one single person can save up to 219 thousand gallons of water every
single year so what do you think are you a vegetarian do you love me why or why
would you not switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet let us know in the
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34 thoughts on “6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

  1. It also makes it so your body can’t process enzymes found in meat. I know several people who are vegan. They will actually get ill if they eat any meat

  2. Are you a vegetarian? Do you love meat? Why or why not would you switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  3. If the Bulgarians have the highest rate of Cholesterol in their blood and the lowest rate of heart trouble why do you blame Cholesterol for causing heart trouble???

  4. The real problem dosent come from meat watever the paper says, it's actually come from human beings. God create all this food for a reason.

  5. Can't digest, makes poo smell horrible from all the rotting meat just sitting inside till it comes out. Teeth are not made for it.

  6. My daughter is totally Vegan. Has been for 2 yrs. She is on a mission to "save animals." She's a little thing. Flips around doing yoga and hit like it's nothing. She is 30 and looks 17 at the most..

  7. That's total bullshit, I'm 32, I only eat meat, milk and eggs, with 5'11" height I only weigh 144 lbs, I go to gym, workout and running, I have no problem, and I have never been healthier. Those fast foods are not meat, buy real fresh meat.

  8. If we increase suffering to this existence, we'll pay for it, with great cost, and we'll deserve it. It is no a wonder that is too much pain in this world, it's all about selfishness. It's very sad when our pleasure depends on the pain of the others. "Happiness is only a dream, pain is real" Voltaire. Farm animals feel the pain just like us. Go vegan!

  9. I wont give up meat. I want to eat less because my close friends and family have gotten diabetes, stroke, heart attack, hypterension cancer etc and i believe a lot of that has to do with eating too much saturated fat sodium cholesterol etc etc and meat is the one that has that (red meat anyways) so yes I do agree you should eat less meat but i dont agree people should give it up all together. I think humans should treat meat likes its a cherry on top deal and not something to pig out on. these days i pack my lunches with two bowls of pure vegetables and then i'll have one blt or something occasionally as a treat but there is very little meat in my diet and a lot of vegetables.

  10. I eat more fish and veggies that anything. But I only eat “caught in the Wild” fish. I do eat some chicken.
    But my dad tried to get off of red meat and it made him pail, weak, with little Energy and a lost in his skin color.
    After about a month he had a stake and I literally saw the color come back as he was eating. So, apparently not everyone can change their diet like that.
    I’m all for helping the planet, but we also need to remember that not everyone can make the same changes.

  11. Glamorous females eating salads.. Such a fucking cliché.
    So males aren't vegetarians then only sexy women? Dont get me wrong, this video is very informative but i feel theres quite a stigma attached to vegetarian males

  12. Meats are rich in sellinium and proteins which they are anti aging my grandfather died at age of 116 years and he was eating mostly meat..whether you are vagan vegetarian or eating meats depend on your genes and on your life style plus if you live a stressful life..sure you'll get diseases

  13. I don't think its because of meat, eating meat is fine, but I think the problem is that Americans have a problem with over eating meat.

  14. I stopped eating meat and my constipation was gone. Lots of inflammations in my body were gone including my canker sores or mouth sores. When I was still I meat eater, I always have mouth sores, but since I stopped eating meats, dairies, and eggs, I cant remember the time I had mouth sores anymore. Meat is a poison!

  15. Im not fegan but i ate ass vegans butt i love Eggs and Fish and chicken no i hate red meat the smell and taste 🤮sry i dont like it either

  16. You can eat meat, but not LIKE A WHOLE A DAY because meat takes a while to digest but still eat meat because it's way better than sugar.

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