57 Dogs Rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm

how about Elly, we’ll name her Elly well if we weren’t here today to take these dogs off the farm they’d either be picked up to be taken to a slaughterhouse, market, or restaurant and we know what that is, and the animals are just treated with such utter disregard and it’s a very, very sad existence like I always think the dogs sit there waiting to die and then fight to live at the last moment and it’s just heart wrenching to witness these dogs have lived their entire life on this dog meat farm in Korea and you know they live in really deplorable
conditions I mean they’re in terrible, tiny cages just disgusting well we’re shipping out all 57 of the dogs that are on the farm so in this case we can talk to the farmer about helping him to rework the land to build greenhouses and stop growing crops all of this has been tough it’s been a long journey getting the dogs here and for a while I didn’t think we were going to make it so seeing them go off means everything today This is Elly and Elly is one of the lucky dogs who have come to us today from
Korea from a dog meat farm Hi sweetie we’re just so thrilled to be picking her up here today all of the dogs initially are going to San Francisco SPCA who has graciously agreed to host them, they’ve setup fantastic spots for them and then from there, there are a number of partners in the bay area who will be coming to pick them up and get them really ready and to get adopted into their homes Elly is really a representative for dogs that are still in the dog meat trade in Korea and Korea is the only country that farms dogs for the dog meat trade I’m so happy that Elly is here now and that she is going to have the life deserves and not to be food and Humane Society International is working so hard to end this horrible trade they don’t know how lucky they are

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  1. Can y’all just get the fact that we just find it weird but to them it’s like eating chicken or bacon or cow and that they can eat whatever they want first solve our problems with chickens in metal cages all Jammed up together for like a year and sometimes die in the cages spreading bacteria that nobody really knows about?first solve our problem then they can solve there’s

  2. Eating dogs is one thing, but torturing them beforehand and boiling them alive makes me want to hang every participating asshole.

  3. I donate to the Humane Society, I donate to many animal rescue‘s, I’m so glad to see this and to know that the money I send is being used for what I sent. it for!! Great job guys, keep up the good work!!!

  4. If you want to save animals dogs cats any animal, donate, this is the only way they can do this is if you donate… even if it’s a dollar.

  5. I’m so happy that these dogs will see you another day and happiness not in pain. thank you to all the wonderful wonderful people that saved all these doggies 💗💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. At 0:34 of this video ola man pull a dog ,put it somewhere and if you can see it he takes a knife……😭😢 The dog's life is ended……The dog still be happy for his owner ,his tail is wagging……but it doesn't know what is going to happen…..😨😢😭😱

  7. I'm only 11 years old , from Greece.I love animals as I love myself!!!They kill and boiled alive dog's….!!!?😨😭All my money I am going to earn on my birthday I will give it to rescue teams…And because I have a lot of toys I am gonna give them too !!!!😨 This is not a life for our animals ….. This is not a life for everyone…..😫

  8. Thank You so much for saving all these dogs from slaughter,,torture,,and the cruelest treatment and conditions ever! I love and respect all animals although dogs hold a special part of my heart, dogs are so loyal, so unconditional and forgiving so this rescue is phenomenal!!!

  9. My God, every time I see these videos it gets no easier. How and when can we stop this awful practice? I just can't. 😭😭

  10. I don't eat dogs and am glad to know you also don't probably, you think it's inhuman. But what's the point you need other people to follow your value. If one day, you think eating pigs is also inhuman, should people follow the same?

  11. I love dogs and are happy that these ones were rescued, but what makes them any different from the animals many of us eat daily?

  12. This is so sad and disgusting. I hope none of the dogs were left behind to die in the hands of horrible people. 😭😒

  13. My sister who lived in the orient for 30 years said westerners do not understand the oriental mind. They do not have the same feelings for animals at all.

  14. There is a photo on line of a bowl of late term aborted fetus soup prepared for somebody. The waiter is oriental. Anyone who is into this will have no feelings for any animal, or person, child or otherwise. Like the witches in the USA who run abortion centers and offer those babies to Lucifer. And eat them too, or sell their organs, harvested from living babies. Today, here, every day.. Judgement is on the horizon and coming fast.

  15. South Corea criminals assassini stop sofferenze stop maltrattamenti idiot men psicopatic criminals innocent indifesi dog

  16. Thanx for saving those poor dogs.. Great job.. God bless u all🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please stop forever dog meat trade..

  17. I agree with closing this dog meat farm down, but I think some commenters need to remember that this how we treat animals like cows in the U.S. What happens in this video is basically the equivalent of an Indian animal rights organization coming to the U.S. to close down a cow farm.

  18. Human: Tames wolves to turn them into dogs for partnership of hunting

    Also human: eats them because they can

  19. I Want Help. El Perro El Mejor Amigo del Hombre. China y Korea el peor Enemigo del Perro. Showme How can I Help.

  20. The dogs look so happy and playful now that they’re out of that situation- thank you for giving these dogs a life

  21. Thank who ever started this society, i subbed to you guys and god bless all of you. You save lives everyday. You are all wonderful people


  23. please save all the dogs who are suffering in Korea slaughter farm it's a request all deserve a good life

  24. Such cute and adorable puppies and dogs. Their life was limited to cages or end up like that. They have not seen what life is outside these cages. Thnks for saving them.

  25. Una protesta mundial es no comprar productos de Corea China y países que torturan perritos. Los cocinan vivos. Que crueldad, gente sin sentimientos. No comprar productos de estos paises si no acaban con la tortura animal.

  26. Thank you for having emptied this dog farm, but are you sure that the farmer will not catch dogs again and start his "business" again? How else should he live? Has he found an alternative to live on? Did you help him with that or did you leave him to his own devices? Then you can be sure that he is now back with dogs in his dog farm.

  27. there’s one got left out. Hope he’s going home too please don’t leave him 😢 there. they’re evil people. Hope these people get sick after their meals.

  28. God bless you human society international for rescuing this babies from living hell and give them heavenly life. This is the way you open the door of heaven for your selves

  29. I don't agree with vegans about not eating eggs and meat and that stuff but I do believe that all animals should have proper care and not be in conditions like these. These people who help are absolutely amazing and us humans are so lucky to have people like these ❤️

  30. My happiness in this life to see all pets safe especially dogs in that kind of country
    Its horrible to see such beautiful soul so scared and to be killed the government should stop that
    God wants us humans and pets to have peace life
    What the hell this people are?

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