5 of the Best Street Food in Queens, New York

– [Narrator] Queens, New York
is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. With over 150 countries represented and 138 different languages spoken, a subway fare can transport you almost anywhere in the world. And that means that there is a lot of great food to be eaten here. A lot. Flushing, Queens, is one
of the largest Chinatowns in the world. And here you can find a dish that stands out due to
something special: it’s color. Over in Jackson Heights we
head south of the border and find a flavorful seafood
dish in a very unlikely place. In Corona there’s a stand embracing the flavors of the South Pacific and bringing back an old
street food tradition. In a different part of
Corona, near the 7 train, is a small shop serving
up extremely large tortas. Finally, back in Jackson Heights, in an area called Little Nepal, we feast on a traditional dish bursting with flavor and history.

100 thoughts on “5 of the Best Street Food in Queens, New York

  1. Thanks to our audience for spotting an error — Potala serves Tibetan momos, not Nepalese momos. Don't worry, they're delicious either way!

  2. im an indonesian and i've never seen that street food, i guess its good that i know that's isa rare

  3. For the best Nepalese momo in NYC go to Himalayan Yak! Their steamed chicken and chili chicken momos are to die for!

  4. Moon man sounds like something that would be in jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 copyright stand name called jumping jack

  5. Not only is my home borough filled with great diversity, it also has the highest library circulation in the country! Take that, Manhattan! Note: not hating on any libraries, I had cards for 2 systems, Queens and the NYPL. Good times.

  6. as a latino, im extremely honored that you let the people talk their born language.
    that's unusual to see

  7. Love this video, and there are still so many more! I'd recommend checking out Thai food in woodside (right next to little nepal) or Arab treats on Steinway street next… There's a schwarma joint called Duzan next to the best arab bakery in NYC called Al Sham and both are absolutely incredible

  8. Dumplings really no salmon bagels

    Or empanadas

    Or gyoza there is a small japenese store owned by a family that sells some gosh diddly darn good gyoza

    Atleast you included some damn shrimp cocktails

    But hey we’re talking about someone who lives in queens so you should’ve asked Aaron Guerrero for your places

  9. 3:13 I’m from Indonesia and for me it looked different from what I grew up with and it’s called pankuk or something like that it’s pretty scarce but it’s sooo good

  10. Coconut pancake in Indonesia its called "Wingko" from Babat, Lamongan and its taste really good for snack, you guys should try it.

  11. Coconut pancake, in indonesia that is Serabi or Pancong, original food of Sundanese People, very, very, and very delicious 😊😊

  12. So let me get it straight… a video of New York foods which actually are from any other country except the USA… right…

  13. I live in Manhattan and can say for facts Queens is the best place to eat in not only NYC but in the world.

  14. Mexico takes the lead with two perfect items, it’s a winner, in second place is the pumpkin dumpling, followed by 3 rd place coconut pancakes, the last two is tied.

  15. I grew up in Flushing. I dunno about these selections for best street food…havent even tried most of them either. Maybe its just me 🤷🏻‍♂️.

    My street food was dollar slice pizza, Jamaican patties, and Halal platters.

  16. coconut pancake = Baroncong
    they say it disappearing, but its not. cuz i still enjoy it till now.
    and sadly the shape should be half circle not full circle, maybe they make that way for looks like present, but its okay though.
    hope you goods think bros

  17. I love the diversity for culture….but….4 out of 5 vendor couldn't speak english. I can see why some people have a problem with multicultural communities when owners of a business don't speak the native tongue. Its disappointing and a shame.

  18. Yeah….I'll stick with my Chinese dumplings thank you!! I've tried momos, and they're good, but the way they make it….I don't like the chemical compound of nitrile in my food!!

  19. The fact that West Indian, especially Trinidadian food, isn't featured is an absolute travesty. Interesting to see the other offerings, but, disappointed.

  20. i appreciate this video, but bangin queens food isnt just limited to flushing/corona/jackson heights. why not check out LIC, Forest Hills, Bayside, Jamaica. surely there are other spots to match the hype.

  21. Alot of these look disgusting, as a New Yorker I believe Queens has way better food to offer, bad job on this one Great Big Story.

  22. you go to flushing if you want asian food, you go to college point if you want hispanic or latino food, you go to whitestone if you want basic diners or greek food. you go to rockaway if you want italian or seafood. and you always see bodegas and good italian ice spots.

  23. Queens, is the largest borough in NYC and you managed only show only a small part of it, Northern Queens… There is much, much, much more than Asian and Latin… Queens is home to fantastic, Greek, Italian, Caribbean, just to name 3… don't be afraid to head to South Queens and Eastern Queens…

  24. 👎because mostly East Asian countries and represented. What about the West Indies/Caribbean on Liberty Avenue?
    🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾Guyana🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾 Sybil’s Bakery is the BEST!!!

  25. Puerto Rican s?.in new York? Cuban s? Or Dominican s? I love Mexican food but over here were am at AZ there s nothing but that most places it gets tiring .why not some Colombian Brazilian food or something lol different pleaaseeeeeeeeee!!! Lol hahaha

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