5 of the Best Street Food Finds in Miami

– [Narrator] Three easy
reasons to visit Miami: the weather, the beach,
and, of course, the food. (upbeat electronic music) Known for its Caribbean and
Latin American influences, there are some famous dishes
that call this city home. But we are here for a few
under the radar spots, that still serve up the
classic heat Miami’s known for. First up, a Cuban dish. But it might not be what you’d expect. (fast violin music) to follow savory. (electronic music) (electronic music) – [Narrator] At one of
Miamis longest running West Indian grocers, there’s one dish you really shouldn’t miss. – [Narrator] When you find
a really good kebab spot, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself. So here you go, you’re welcome. (relaxing electric music)

100 thoughts on “5 of the Best Street Food Finds in Miami

  1. Ok really cool video but… is the last person Spanish or Cuban? She said Spanish but then describes her food as having Cuban influence. Cuban and Spanish are not the same thing. My heritage is Spanish from Spain, which is the only true Spanish. Cuban is Cuban. Just because you speak the language doesn’t make you what it derives from. I speak English as well and I’m not English.

  2. As a Miami local all my life, I can tell you none of these places are popular. They're struggling businesses that needed the publicity. If this comment gets 100 likes, I'll disclose the actual 5 best places to visit for each of the very same food items.

  3. Promoting animal carcasses and animal secretion as food feels very outdated.
    Yes, amazing chefs made incredible dishes here. They might be able to make the switch and still be amazing at cooking, using more sustainable ingredients, that don't support cruelty against animals and is better for our health and planet.
    Until they do, does showing more of plantbased cuisine really sound that terrible of an idea?
    We all love nature and good food 😃

  4. Hey Great Big Story! Here's an idea for another video. It's about asin tibook, a rare salt made in the province of Bohol of the Philippines. Asin tibook literally translates to "unbroken salt".


  5. I was surprised to see Döner in this video, mainly because I’m used to it being a fast food thing that we have at every street corner here in Germany😂 (I’m literally not even kidding, especially in Berlin we have so many places to buy Döner)

  6. Born and raised in Miami.
    The point is for you guys to try foods of all cultures

    Go eat pastelitos de guayava, there’s a good spot on 8th street next to Óptica Lopez
    Go to Mi antiguo Guatemala and get the dish “Antojitos de la casa”.
    Go to any Publix and get a sandwich from there
    Get you some popusas, and some baleadas.
    Go to Sanpocho, it’s in 8th and 8th and eat a bandeja paisa.
    Go to pinolandia and get some amazing rice and beans.

  7. OMG! I think I just fell in love…
    with the FRITA! How amazing is that sandwich? It's a Cuban Burger with the tiny fries in it!
    I love FUSION CUISINE! I am so impressed with how different foods, recipes or cooking techniques are all fused together to come up with something unique. God bless!

  8. please don’t come to miami for food you will be disappointed i’ve been here for 10 years and never ate at a good restaurant

  9. I work next to spitfire, their online menu doesn't even mention donner kebab, it's "chicken sandwich"

    So I had it, so good. Definitely a stop for tourists.

  10. The only was that is really good, “street style” and not hyped up is the rotti shop!!! Take it from a local and thank me later 🙂

  11. Miami is extremely overrated, its just hot weather, and beaches, thats it. If you are going there here are the places, Old artifacts, JFK center, Orlando. thats it.

  12. An amazing casual place to go just outside of Miami is Jimbo’s Sandbar in Hollywood. They have by far best conch fritters/fried alligator I’ve ever had, along with some bomb ass frozen drinks.

  13. If you live in Miami,
    You'll know that Roti is in the middle of the HOOD!😂😂🤣

    If your not from around here, please don't try and pick up a snack from there after dark😋😏

    You'll thank me later 😁

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