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( music playing )Rhett:The Taco Bell
Crunchwrap Supreme.
Link:A $3.49 abomination
of Mexican food,
infamous for its
assault on the bowels.
Well, Josh, you’re
still here in the
kitchen. – I haven’t left in months.
– ( laughs ) – We like it that way.
– Yeah. So we’re gonna
up the ante on every
part of this. Every single part.
So it all starts
with the tortilla. – Rhett: Ooh!
– Josh: For the
flour tortilla, we have an ancient
grain. I made it
myself. The blue corn tortilla
is from a producer
called Masienda. They make everything
organic, shipped in
from Mexico. And then for the veggies,
we got some living
butter lettuce. And then we have
heirloom tomatoes. Also I hot sauce
every single bite, so we’re gonna make
our own flame juice. We’re gonna do ten
different dried
chiles in it. These little small
guys right here,
if you can see ’em, they’re actually about
$260 a pound. Imported from
Mexico. We’re gonna make a
crème fraiche infused
with huitlacoche. – What is huitlacoche?
– So, the literal translation – is “corn smut.”
– Can we call you
corn smut? Yeah, if you’d
like to, I guess. Josh: So this cheek
and this tail is actually from
the same cow. I went to Standing’s
Butchery, single best butcher in L.A. He only
gets one animal at a time. We’re actually gonna
beer braise it in this Belgian-style
lambiek. – It’s wild-yeasted–
– I, too, am wild-yeasted. Yes you are. My single
favorite part is the
nacho cheese. So we’re using Velveeta
’cause we want all that,
just, creaminess. Josh: A cheddar, cave-aged,
from a tiny farm in Wales. And that bone marrow
is actually from the forearm of the same
cow that our cheek and
tail is coming from. And then we are going to
light that bone marrow on fire – with this Clase Azul Mezcal.
– Does it have pepper in it? No it’s not– it’s not
a pepper grinder. Okay, let’s make an even more
supreme Crunchwrap. You touch the cheeks,
I’ll touch the tail. That’s good.
That’s kosher that way. And then you’re gonna douse
it in all of that. Link: I can’t talk and
shake at the same time. – I think you’ve shaken
all of out now.
– Once I’ve started – shaking, I’m–
– Caught in a shake loop.
It happens. – You just grab the forearm.
– Wait– okay. – Massage it in there–yeah.
– There we go. Josh: Rhett, if you wanna
open this beer… – ( pops )
– Link: Oh! – ( sizzling )
– Josh: It might flame,
it might not. Look at that, we’re
making clouds, man. This is gonna go
in the oven. Here we’ve got some
roasted marrow bone.
Shove a spoon in there, – and give it a good jimmy.
– My dad’s name is Jimmy so
I’m not comfortable doing it. – My ex-stepdad’s name is Jimmy.
– Do we have anyone in the room whose ex-stepdad
or dad is not
named Jimmy? – ( metal grinding on bone )
– Ooh, that noise! We wanna kinda
melt it down
because we don’t – want it to blend in
with the nacho cheese.
– ( sizzling ) So the marrow’s gonna
start to melt. Pour some
Mezcal right there, and pull the bottle
away pretty quickly. – ( hissing )
– OH! What? Somebody get
a freakin’
extinguisher. – Did I do good?
– You did great, man! – It went really high.
– Gently spoon it in to
the nacho cheese. So what we’re gonna do now is
make our lime and Mexican
truffle crème fraische– No, please
put that down. – Grab it right–
– Dude, you hold it
by the not-sharp part. – One, two, three.
Almost cut my finger.
– Turn the lime. – One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven…
– You should probably stop now. – Josh: Jimmy…
– I can jimmy better
with my right hand. Okay, I’m
definitely leaving. – Link: Give me one of
these, then.
– Rhett: Oh, man. Taco Bell, for me,
is completely useless without hot-saucing
every single bite. Um, that’s distracting.
We’re gonna create our
own hot sauce. – Yeah.
– The habanero,
pasea de Oaxaca. ( food processor whirring ) ( mouthing trumpet
melody ) – That was beautiful.
– Wow. – ( whirring )
– Oh, yeah. Flame Juice,
not affiliated with any
Mexican chain restaurant. Let us
assemble. What you’re going to do
is take the tortilla and you’re gonna put it
on this hot griddle. – Josh: And you kinda rotate it.
– ( Link imitates scratching ) Daub right there.
Next we’re gonna go
with the nacho cheese. Drizzle it over the top.
And then you’re gonna
take the… beautiful heirloom
corn tostada– shove that on top.
There we go. Just a little bit of
lettuce and then some
tomatoes to finish. – And then you just,
fold, brace,
– Link: Fold it over. – fold, brace.
– We would’ve just
totally screwed that. – Pinch, fold.
– You’re like an
origami master. – Face down.
– Josh: Then you give
it a little smash. – Yeah, not too much!
Not too much!
– Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, sorry. I freaked
out on you. Want to
give it a flip? – Josh: There we go.
– Link: Oh, my goodness! both: Look at that. Link: We have crunched it,
wrapped it, and supremed it. Now, for
comparison’s sake… – Link: There is not a
dramatic difference.
– Rhett: Mm-mm. But it’s what on
the inside that counts. Rhett: Oh, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho. Look at that.
Oh, my goodness. It looks crunchy,
savory– – Rhett: Almost sexy.
– Link: Right. Now, Josh…how much
would this run a person? So this, with all the Mezcal,
all the fancy beef, – this is $254.79.
– ( laughs ) – You don’t want to
do this every weekend.
– Yeah. – Flame juice.
– ( Latin guitar playing ) Triple dink it. Triple sink it. – That Flame juice
has a bite.
– Oh, gosh. Then you start
getting the queso… Whoo, that beef is magical.
And it’s so Taco Bell-y. If this doesn’t
work out, – you can get a job
at Taco Bell.
– ( laughs ) – Are you firing me?
– You know, the jury’s
still out. – How do you get
the other piece?
– ‘Cause I finished mine first. – Ha, ha! Strategy!
– Leave a comment below with what
fast food item you want us to
fancify next. And click through to see
if we can figure out what K-pop band, BTS,
is singing about. Rhett:This sunrise
sweatshirt is as
pretty as…
a sunrise
on a sweatshirt.
I don’t get metaphors.Available at mythical.store.

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