10 Family meals in 1 hr!

hi guys and welcome to the batch lady where today im going to show you how to make ten meals in one hour okay I
promise you it’s that simple we are going to make ten minutes mince based
meals in one hour okay they’re all quite similar meals we’re batching them all
together using recipes using that use the same ingredients okay it means
it’s so easy to do I’m going to do lots of these coming up with all the chicken
with fish with all different ones that we are starting with mincemeat first so
on the batchlady channel I show you how to make fast simple homemade meals you
can make in advance put in your freezer and use whenever you want so your weekday
nights are so simple when you come home from work you’re just heating something
up feeding the family feeding yourselves and you are done so today we
are a put my recipes laid out here so I just want to explain to you how you
would start doing this okay and how are the videos actually going to work
because this video can’t be an hour long YouTube and Facebook won’t
let me put an hour video up so as I start and I start to make it I’m not
going to go through each recipe because I’m going to make each recipe but I’m
not going to tell you the quantities and you’re gonna see some bits
fast-forwarding so if you want any of the recipes you will get them at www.thebatchlady.com and you just have to look under minced meat section okay and
you will get all of these recipes you can print them out that’s exactly what
I’ve done I’ve printed out every recipe that I’m going to do and I’m just going
to follow it as I go and it’s the order that I do it in that will help you see
how to do it so then you can print off your recipes know what you’re going to
cook and watch this video and see the order that is done because by doing
things in a certain order and batching together you save so much time you also
save waste could use every bit of food and you therefore save money because
you’re using everything you’ve not got leftovers you’re portioning out
correctly so if you want to save time money food waste to be more organized
than this is for you okay with our frozen diced onion and our
minced beef okay now I am making here we go I’m making homemade tomato sauce I’m
making burgers and everything I’m doing I’m doubling it okay I’m making burgers
I’m making meatballs and making fajitas spaghetti bolognese and chili so I have
five recipes plus my homemade sauce and every recipe I’m doubling so I’m gonna
get 10 meals out of the end of it okay so what you want to do is use the whole bag of diced onions and you want to put them in a large pot over here on your stove
okay pour in your diced onions I’ve already done it because I need to have
my final volume on I put so much meat on and you can’t then actually hear me and
your steakmince in my pot I have my mince and my onions and they’re just
browning okay so they’re on there and they’re just starting to brown so as
they are browning just give them a quick stir you have about 20 minutes where you
can do something else so the first thing you’re going to do is get a tomato sauce
on the go okay this may seem complicated it’s not you do it the first
time you’ll think oh my god and then you will do it again
you’ll get used to it and it’ll be really easy this is how I cook all the
time take your tomato sauce recipe and you
are just going to follow the recipe and you’re just going to put it all in the
pot together so my recipe I’m doubling the recipe so I’m putting four cans of
chopped tomatoes ok four cans of tomatoes two tubs of 40 pence passata goes in so this has made a huge pot okay anything that’s not used I’ll keep it for pizza toppings and various things and just freeze it
I need two tablespoons of tomato puree which is about that that’s how I work in
my house my salt pepper you can add as much of this as you like I don’t add very much salt pepper I’m when they stop the pepper other things or do that at the table I also want some Italian seasoning quite a bit so ill open from this side instead and I want actually about a teaspoon – but I’m doubling the mixture
so I’m actually going to make it a tablespoon fill maybe even a bit more
depends I’m up to us okay mix it around get it on the stove that will bubble away and thicken perfect now that’s going to start
boiling and bubbling away and getting thick which is exactly what we want so
give your mince a stir make sure it’s browning very well
your tomato sauce is already on give it a stir now one of the things
that I like to use to make my meal healthier which you’ll see is I often
use grated carrots and this carrot I already had from the weekend because
I’ve made coleslaw usually I would just buy bags of grated carrots so I wouldn’t
be grating it myself if I do a big batch cook like this I buy already grated
from Asda or Tesco im just going to put in some grated carrot now that that four minutes is starting
to brown and next we were going to make homemade burgers because we’ve got a bit of time there’s nothing we can do we’re stirring
a pot okay so I’m going to get my mince another packet of mince because my
burgers are not cooking ok burgers would make me roll so we’ve got our burger
mince next we are let me just wipe my hands right always wipe your hands if
you’ve had been touching raw meat now for this recipe it’s very easy you just
want Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespoons of mustard and
Worcestershire sauce what you can do in a bowl if you want or you can just jab
it in as you go along okay wipe hand with that salt and pepper you don’t need an egg or anything the
mustard and the Worcestershire sauce help bind it together okay
so you just mix it around right now the best way to make burgers
that’ll be so tasty this this is how I always make them at home
okay so you’re gonna half the mixture okay and with one half
you’re gonna Pat it out you’re gonna cut it in half and quarter it then each
quarter it’s the same size the burgers are now all the same size okay give them
a roll up and put them on the board and then you can flatten them down before
you put them in the bag so your mince is browning your tomato sauce is
bubbling your multitasking okay so I’m going to freeze these in a ziploc
bag beside them I’m going to put some corn on the cob and I’m going to
put some em four burger buns and that’s going to be a meal you can even put some
potato wedges beside it in the freezer so youre just grabbing that whole meal out at once okay so I’ve already made two sets of evening meals of burgers
okay next we are going to go on to make meatballs because we’re going to make meatballs and put them in the oven for 15 minutes while they’re in the oven
we’re going to continue making stuff that’s on the top okay so we’re going to
make our fajitas spagetti bolognese then our chili so for our
meatballs we just need our other pack of mince just get the meat layed out in the board again so I just
gave this a quick wipe when I was finished with the burger so we’re ready
to start again so I’ve got my meat and all I’m going to use is an egg and some
Worcestershire sauce and some dried Italian seasoning and an egg Worcestershire sauce Italian seasoning and my mince that’s all so quick we’re back right
okay so we are going to take our egg just check on your mince there to make
sure mine is still is not burning it’s just bubbling away so we’re going
to take an egg put it in the middle the were going to take our salt and pepper now again if you want meatballs all the
same size you’re doing the same as the burgers you want them to cook at the same
time and you are going to put them on a tray with some silver foil you want to
put them on a tray with silver foil is you don’t want to have to wash the tray
very much or chisel it off so again I’m just going to finish these off and in
fast motion and you will see that were just going to finish our two family meals of
Meatballs okay we’re with okay guys so we’ve done our meatballs
okay they are finished on the tray raw ready to and send em in the oven so
let’s get them in we know we’ve got 15 minutes so just to recap we have made two sets
of burgers we have made our tomato sauce we’ve browned all our mince that we need
for the next three recipes which is fajitas spaghetti bolognese and chili
and our meatballs are in the oven and they’re in the oven for 15 minutes okay
I’ve got a bowl in front of me a favor blistering about I’ve got a bowl and
I’ve also got my labelled bags okay now I just label these with a sharpie right
onto the bag and I do it before the food goes in for some reason once you put the
food in it won’t label very well so I’ve got two bags here for fajitas okay
now I’m putting these in and and the meat still quite warm so I’m going to
leave them open to cool okay just hold it properly cool right I
know that I need one cup of mince for my fajitas okay so before I put them in
the bags I’m taking my 1 cup I’m gonna take a
heaped Cup of fajitas and another heaped Cup because I’m making too remember
okay I’m making two portions so two heaped cups I’m going to get our seasoning so
to make fajitas before I put the tomato sauce and for the rest okay so I don’t
want the tomato sauce for my fajitas I’m just using some and fajita seasoning
that I got and I know that I need two packets these little packets and I need
two packets for em or you can use one and a half
anything if your children don’t like it too crazy and I’m gonna tick
and give it a mushroom no because it’s warm it’s still quite wet you can add
some water to it if you think it needs some water added to it but this with the
if you can see that with the carrots is actually quite wet and that this won’t
be what I use to make fajitas okay so on it and I’m going to braid it up that’s
all I’m going to put in it really simple it’s already got my onions or carrots
it’s got the mince and it’s now got the seasoning so I know I need half the
amount in each bag okay so I’m just going that you I don’t use very much
mince because I’m a drama that the kids put their lettuce in their tomato and
the cucumber and everything like that on it so and I’m not going to using tons of
mince in my fajitas but I’ll make sure that the bags are roughly about the same
right I’d say they’re roughly about the same I’m quite happy about that so I’m
just going to put this in so what’s up next we’ve made their
meatballs we’ve made our fajitas we are then took very easy spaghetti bolognese
now basically our spaghetti bolognese is meat we’re just going to add the tomato sauce in
okay so I’m going to keep some sauce for the meatballs and the rest is going in
this pot we have literally made our spaghetti bolognase get both of these so let’s find it
find your bags that are labeled move my meatballs over the way so if you were to
follow my recipe everything that we’ve done for spaghetti bolognase is exactly
the same as the main recipe okay so it’s got in it it’s onions garlic and carrots
tomatoes passata I mean everything is in there now I know that I need one
cup one of these American cups will feed each of us okay my daughter I’ll have
less than one cup and my husband will have slightly more than one cups or four
cups so work out your portion as a family what’s your portion everybody’s
different some people won’t cut would be way too
much okay so I know that is roughly how much I need for my family of four my bag
is already done and what I do is I write on it spaghetti bolognese times four and
I put the date on it you have now got 2 spaghetti Bolognese
okay now when it’s freezing cold you can then seal it flat put it in your freezer
when you want it take it out I’ll owe it to defrost probably overnight grab out
the night before and then you are good just to heat it up and put some pasta
on so there’s nothing you need to do midweek all of this mess you’re not
doing midweek okay so we’ve got a little bit of minutes left in our pot we’re
going to heat it out for five minutes I’m chilly
I’ve got 2 cans of red beads two cans of kidney beans I’m just
going to quickly drain you can use one can but I’m going to use a can
pair a meal and because we like kidney beans all of us so it’s a really good
healthy way of eating elements and it makes it cheaper okay I’m just using
cheap 50 pence cans let me just pour it out okay
so whats left in my pot left in my pot there’s my leftover mince and onions and carrots and I’m
now going to add my chili powder and I’ve put my kidney beans in there okay
so my chili powder I’ll just refer to the recipe my five minute family chili I
need three teaspoons of chili powder and my chili is now done and it’s ready to
be portioned chili acts there are already labeled ready to go and I know that
I need a level teaspoon of chili let’s lay out our chili or spaghetti
bolognese our fajitas our two burgers put this away and the only thing left
that we’ve got to do is to check on our meatballs I like to cook the meatballs
first before I freeze them it’s just our preference and I think they’re much
better and then you put them in the sauce our meatballs are cooked im going to
lay them on here they are going to cut into the sauce that’s left here and
that’s going to get divided up into two other meals okay that is how you make 10 meals in less
than an hour all for your freezer ready to go let me know what you think this is
batching at its best if you want to give it a go please get in touch you can and
get all my recipes www.thebatchlady.com and this is me doing 10 mince meals in one
hour the coat from my teacher 1 coming to let me know your thoughts let me know
what you think how are you giving it a go do this it
will revolutionize your life it will make it so much easier when you come
home from work let me know very good bye

25 thoughts on “10 Family meals in 1 hr!

  1. Loving this video! It’s given me some inspiration! I’m thinking about trying this at the weekend and getting the whole family involved. The kids should be happy to help as they like cooking. Looking forward to your chicken batch cooking video! xx

  2. I add butter beans and baked beans in to chili to make it stretch further. I also add (about half the weight of the mince) red lentils adding extra fiber and protein ☺

  3. New sub today – another Scottish vlogger loving your work! I help people meal plan and spend wiser, so I just love the concept of your channel. Keep up the great work xx

  4. Just found your channel and you have made the idea of batch cooking so much easier!! Can't believe you only use 2 pots for all those meals, I have just subscribed and plan on binge watching the rest of your videos!

  5. Hi been searching and I can’t find the answer, the square foil containers with lids, can you tell me what size/volume they are please? Many thanks, seems it’s an unknown entity.

  6. Just found you batch lady, what a find! Can’t wait to get in the kitchen and batch,
    I shall be looking out for frozen onions, carrots, garlic in my supermarket, you make it look super easy and speedy, happy batching💖

  7. For anyone who wants the exact ingredients (I didn’t double the recipe as there is only 2 adults and 1 toddler in our house so this would still make us 10 meals)

    Chopped Tomatoes: 6 Cans
    Passata: 1,500g (3 cartons)
    Tomatoe purée: 6 tbs
    Oregano: 9 tbsp
    Garlic Puree: 3tsp
    Mince: 2,600g
    Grated Carrots: 6 cups
    Frozen Mushrooms: 3 cups
    Frozen onions: 7 cups
    Chilli powder: 3 tsb
    Kidney Beans: 1 can
    Mustard: 3tbs
    Worcester Sauce: 8tbs
    Fajitas Mix: 2 Packs (30g)
    Basil: 3tsp
    Egg: 1

    I went through all the recipes to add this up😂

    I’ve also just added all of this up into Asda’s App and going by the cheapest items I could find it came to a total of £24.03… Which is £0.81p per serving.

  8. My mum happened to mention ‘The Batch Lady’ after reading an article and I’m so glad she did.

    I have been searching for ‘normal’ recipes instead of all the fancy ones found in lots of cook books.

    I have tried in the past to be a good cook and have failed plenty of times. Your recipes are making my life easier and I am so enjoying eating the lovely meals.

    So far I have tried your chilli, beef burgers, chicken enchiladas, chicken pie, homemade pizza and pepper popper chicken. They have all been a hit and my husband thinks I’ve swallowed a cookbook.

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Can also get kidney beans in chilli sauce (bit extra cost but nice, not too spicy), which will add extra flavour and sauce along with saving time rinsing!
    Excellent ideas. 👍

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