10 EURO GREEK STREET FOOD Tour in ATHENS: Where to Eat in Athens Greece

69 thoughts on “10 EURO GREEK STREET FOOD Tour in ATHENS: Where to Eat in Athens Greece

  1. Greg got that Guy Fieri bite. Haha. We've never been to Greece either. We know all about video plans not working out the way you planned haha! Can't wait to see more.

  2. Lieles is saying that you guys just made him want to order cheese sticks 😂

    Greg that would be my favorite breakfast too

  3. Two of the best in the whole city or maybe the country??
    Who doesn’t want to be in the best places??? Take us there now!!!!

  4. That souvlaki looks like a piece of heaven and just a 1.9€? Wow
    The spices and the meat juice must be a nice kick to the tastebuds !!!
    We are salivating

  5. Greek honey is what I call an elegant sweet honey.
    The sweetness is soft and elegant not too much, neither the ones that give you a filing feeling.
    Does that make sense?

  6. Yeahhhh! You know the pastries are good when you can smell them down the street. The crunch!!! 24 hours a day? Even better! That's too early.

  7. Thats def a good reason to miss a flight, going for a last bite of some delicious food
    And just 1.7€

    Who said Europe is expensive???
    Great selection of foods and places guys 😍

  8. Never been to Greece before but the food definitely doesn’t seem to disappoint! Such a cool place and so much history

  9. You guys had the best wedding view ever! So beautiful and so happy you did this. Congrats again! We would love to visit Athens. Controversial recipes are often the tastiest. Haha You had us at pastrami and sourdough. Looks amazing.

  10. Many congrats to you, Greg & Jumi, so understated but first photos brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you, truly 🙂 Galaktoboureko is also my favorite Greek dessert!

  11. We actually appreciate gritty neighborhoods. All of the authentic eats are usually there. Souvlaki!!!! And that guy says is the best! Ufff… We're salivating. I would go 4 times! Haha Dessert Queen, print that on a shirt!

  12. The thickness of that honey. Looks amazing. We get Fage too. Love the graffiti on the trains. That's love, Greg! Well done. We've never seen this dessert. Wonder if they have anything like that here in Chicago. We'll need to try this soon. Fantastic tour guys!!!

  13. Missed you guys last week. But, you made up for it going to Greece!!!! I had to stop your video and go get a snack 20% in… Greece is on my bucket list!

  14. Haha if it's Greg's favorite it's gotta be good!!! Omg the pita looks so fluffy.. and only 1.90 euros?!?!? I would eat that every day LOL

  15. Congratulations on your wedding. Hope you enjoyed Crete. I enjoyed your selection of cheap food. I'm with you on sheep yoghurt & with Jumi on galatobureko!

  16. So many gems in this one! We're going back ASAP for that souvlaki. It looked very special. Can you two bring us some Galaktoboureko also please 😀

  17. Galekataphyllo.. Lol yo take that and dip it in the yogurt and honey i think it may work out just well too! Regardless it looks so tasty!

  18. I would love the go to Greece, in particular Crete Greece its so beautiful. The souvlaki and Greek yogurt plate looks fantastic 😍I love Greek yogurt with honey and sliced strawberries, I can imagine how wonderful that Greek yogurt was that you both ate. That geek dessert looked amazing omg 🤭Thanks for an awesome video

  19. Souvlaki Greg says it's his fave and the guys on the motorcycle agrees! When greg recommends it we are 👍. When a local recommends it that seals the deal. Lol. Can't beat that price!

  20. Hey Greg and Jumi!! So cool you guys are in Athens Greece together and O M G!! Congrats on getting married!! The pics were so beautiful and you guys look so happy!! Cheers to many MANY years of love, health and happiness together!! <3

  21. Santorini Greece pics look so beautiful and we hope to go there one day! It's nice that Greg has family there in Athens that you can go visit and hang out with on your trip! The pastry with the beef and cheese in it looked so good, and the dough looked great and the Souvlaki look so yummy and was such a great price for 1.90 Euros.

  22. The Yogurt and Honey look so creamy and nice that it was sheeps milk instead of cows. The dessert looked so amazing with the filo dough, custard and honey. We have never had that dessert before, but we love baklava.. It's Butters favorite!! That's awesome you guys got all this food for 10 Euros.. you sure got a lot of food for that price. It was so great to see the city streets of Athens, and the culture. Great video and lots of love to you both!! <3

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