1/3 Of Americans Eat Fast Food Daily

fast-food we all love ourselves some
fast food some McDonald’s some Wendy’s some some Burger King some subway we
love ourselves some fast-food but the question is are we eating too much fast
food according to the CDC they just did a research a study and the answer is of
course I mean this is America we’re talking about here ladies and gentlemen
of course we’re having too much fast food I’m according to the study that the
CDC the center of Disease Control and Prevention has done they found that 37%
of adults in the US of A has had some kind of fat sad has had fast food a meal
a burger something from a fast-food chain in the last 24 hours
isn’t that mind-blowing born more than a third of Americans has had some fast
food in the past 24 hours I’m looking at y’all I know who I’m
talking to I know you nurses when you have 30 minutes of lunch when you work
the 12-hour shift and you’re on your way home and you’re starving because the
last time you ate was at noon and at 7:38 p.m. I know where you go ladies and
gentlemen I know what y’all going it’s crazy I’m gonna do many breakdown
because it’s not all nurses or all people in the US do the same there’s a
breakdown um and some of it is actually kind of surprising I’m like this first
weigh 32% of lower-income folks ate fast food daily more than 36% of middle
income consumers had fast food on any given day and 42% of those with higher
incomes had fast food and then past 24 hours um this is just my reading of the
stats is if you just have extra cash extra money and you’re not tight because
you have loans and pet car payments and rent to pay for yeah you don’t mind
shutting that shit out every day coz yes fast food is fast food it is cheaper but
it’s not cheap it’s not free so it does cost something if you have more
expendable cash expendable income chances are you’ll be stopping by any
one of the five hundred million fast food chains we have it’s also broken
down by age and I think this one everyone knows the younger people just
eat shit here because the younger and stupider and they look healthy doesn’t
matter what but let me give you the numbers forty
five percent of people in their 20s and 30s ate fast food
over the past day we’re thirty eight percent of people in their 40s and 50s
and then last but not least twenty four percent of people 60 and older had fast
food in less than four hours this one I thought was just like yeah I would have
guessed that myself um when you get older you start getting more chronic
diseases your body stops functioning the way you used to so when you eat shitty
food you really feel the it you feel it you feel the pain when you eat the
shitty food that one makes sense to me and this one hurt me ladies and
gentleman this one hurt me I’m talking to you brothers and I’m talking to you
sisters out there cut the goddamn fast food out of your meals cuz us brothers
us black folks us african-americans are the worst perpetrators of this study of
them all it’s sad but it’s true and I hate it because I am probably five
percent of this this number I’m about to tell you I eat way too much fast food
and yes I’m a vegan but you can find a whole lot of vegan options at these fast
food places anyways rough Blacks vs. white white forty two percent of blacks
versus thirty eight percent of whites respectfully has had um fast food in the
last 24 hours while thirty five point five percent of
Hispanics and 31 percent of Asian Americans I’m dead so like I said lady a
brothers says this lay off the goddamn fast food alright get you go to the
Whole Foods go to a stop shop cook that with rice some beans make it shake in do
whatever you can but stay off the fast food it’s not good for you um and I want
to close with this because yes it is fast food and the first thing you think
of when you think of fast food is McDonald’s Burger King subway all these
unhealthy things but it is okay it is okay to have fast food you don’t meet
you don’t have to go your whole life without ever having it you can’t have it
and a registered dietitian I’m from Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City
said this quarter by saying there is no reason to completely avoid fast food but
it shouldn’t be consumed regularly that’s just the obvious answer you can
eat as much fast food as you want as much faster you can have fast food fast
food is not the end of the world for you as long as you know how much of
you eating as long as it’s not an everyday thing and 37 percent in the
past third 24 hours let’s relax relax pump the brakes let’s cut it down to
once a week and then just make it special occasions and then just once a
month you know try to cut down and when you do go to fast food you feel like you
earned it versus going every day feeling like shit your health goes to shit you
gain weight it’s this horrible spiral you know it I don’t need to tell you but
I’m bringing the facts thank you guys so much for watching I really do appreciate
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