🥕HEALTHY Big Family One Week MEAL PREP | Cheese🧀Sticks, VEGGIES, Berries, Eggs!

– Well, happy Sunday evening, friends. Travis and I are gonna sit
down here in the kitchen and we are gonna do a large
family meal prep for the week. We’re doing all kinds of
fruits and veggies for snacks and salad and side dishes. Got us some pasture-raised cow, so a couple different roast
in the pressure cooker. That’s gonna be part of my what we ate this week video. Right now, to start, I am going to get about 2 1/2 dozen eggs boiling. This week coming up is when all of our winter evening lessons, the
TaeKwonDo and the dance classes and basketball season and church. All of our evening stuff
starts back up tomorrow. We’ve been on our winter break. And so we need to get
ready for this coming week, and Travis and I are trying
a new household schedule that I’m not gonna share fully about until after we do it for a few weeks, work the kinks out and see how it goes. And these eggs, I’m
just gonna put in a bowl because it’s a little easier to keep them in the refrigerator. These are the ones that we’re not boiling, but we’ll use for breakfast and as needed for the coming week. (upbeat music) So here I am just washing all the veggies. Getting the broccoli out. I’m gonna pull the little rubber
bands off and separate it. Give everything a wash. I know sometimes I’ll get comments. Jemerrill, you didn’t
wash your vegetables. But I do, I do. I just don’t always show it. But today you get to see it. Getting the cauliflower in there. All of these vegetables, as I mentioned, we will be serving with ranch to dip. So there are all the veggies washed that we are gonna get chopping. And we are also gonna do
a bunch of cheese sticks. I just sent Zion to the garage to get two big cheese rolls we have that Travis is gonna make
into cheese sticks for us. There he goes. Ready, set, go. And Travis a cheese stick cutting machine. He is gonna slice all of these down. He will cut the plastic off. Now he’s real big on making
sure the knives are sharp and the knives are clean. And all of this, I guess
that’s dad stuff, huh? And he’s already going to town chopping all those cheese sticks. And then you see… Oh, my goodness, that is another huge log of Provolone I just put out before him. But definitely if I set it out, he’ll cut it up for me or he’ll shred it. Here’s how Travis is
cutting these cheese sticks. And Daniel is there with the TV, having a little TV time. And Benjamin is actually
in his seat behind Travis, so I keep going back. Benjamin realizes we are chopping cheese, and he was calling out, “cheese, cheese” so I keep going back and
giving Benjamin cheese. So here I am doing all
the little broccoli cuts because I think everybody
in our family loves broccoli in all of its forms. And it’s what’s really cute,
look at my hands just a flyin’. So this is Travis and I’s relationship. I’m there a talkin’, he’s eating cheese. I think he said a little,
he’s saying a few things. But I am just, I am going to town talking. He just game Amelia some cheese. And I am bagging up the cheese sticks into plastic bags as he
makes the cheese sticks. We do reuse the bags, especially the ones that
I put vegetables in. Not so much the ones that we put meat in. But we will reuse our
bags, so he is slicing this big cheese log down. I think this was like, was this 12 pounds? I’ll have to check my last
sharp shopper grocery haul video and see how many pounds that was. I think this one was 12 pounds or so. And I think the Colby
blend was six pounds. But that might be off. It happens, it’s a lot. It’s a whole lot of cheese. And definitely it’ll
take us more than a week to get through all of this. So here’s miss Amelia. She’s joined in. She’s got her spirit horse. She’s just having a lovely time talking about all the things
and eating her cheese. Yes, yes. She’s taking notes. We’re chopping cauliflower. Got a couple of kids who like cauliflower, couple kids who don’t. Whenever we do veggies like this. Oh, and Amelia’s getting more cheese. I have the kids pick. They have to have at least one veggie with every meal that we have copped and prepped like this ahead. I’m getting the leaves on the
bottom off the cauliflower. So I have one kiddo who will
eat multi-colored peppers and doesn’t really want
all the other stuff. And that’s cool. I just give that kiddo a
whole big pile of peppers. I have some kids that just want broccoli. Then I have some kids that want it all or might only pick two or three things. I just lay it all out
and give them choices but they’ve gotta pick something, right? (upbeat music) So cauliflower’s pretty messy to cut. While I pick up the little
pieces that are hanging on to the platter there and
shove those into the bag too because that’ll get served out somewhere. Here’s another view of Travis
just being a slicing machine. Slicing down all that cheese. I know so many of you have asked to see Travis making cheese sticks. Well, here you go. And of course, if we could
really chop cheese this fast, that would be great. Him and I sat and did all this
food prep for the coming week probably maybe an hour or so. I’m sure it took us, I remember
it taking us a good hour. Daniel just loves his little show. And I am just having a good old time slicing down those cucumbers. Now, very fun part you get to watch. Let’s see how many cucumbers
can I shove in my mouth? It would be so funny for another time to start having a little number ticker come up on the screen. Seven. Eight. Nine. How many cucumbers will Jamerill eat? And you can also see I am eating cucumbers and I am talking Travis’s ear off. Would you believe? Talk, talk, talk miss ENFP here. Yes, yes. And he’s just, he’s a listenin’. That’s his gift, he’s listenin’. And cleaning his knife and
cleaning his cutting board. Now he’s gonna chop that head of lettuce so we have some shredded
lettuce for the week. We’ll use it for salads and
also for on some sandwiches. This whole mass of
veggies that we prepped, we’ve actually already used. You know how in YouTube time,
things aren’t real-time. So we did this large family meal prep about week from when I’m
recording the voiceover. And so all of these veggies were used in seven days, except I did
have half a bag of cauliflower left that I am still serving out. And, oh yeah, I obviously
ate those cucumbers quick. I think those were gone within two days. So nothing went bad. Travis is doing peppers
now because we do have, again, lots of kiddos who
will eat sliced peppers. And mommy and daddy
will eat sliced peppers. And Daniel’s saying something. What you saying there? Daniel’s probably asking for more cheese. We haven’t had cheese sticks in a while. Now I know I’m gonna get asked. I feel like people are already saying, Jamerrill, are you pregnant? Looking at me in that shirt. But no friends, it’s just the shirt. Or it’s just me, so not pregnant. But I thought you’d
get a kick out of that. Now everyone rewind it and look. That’s what Jamerrill looks like when she doesn’t wear her
abdominal binder, yay. I am walking across with the
hot pot of hard boiled eggs. You, of course, can use your Instant Pot to do perfect hard boiled eggs. I have for a bazillion years
done them on the stove, and they turn out well for me. And so instead of getting my
Instant Pot all steamed up, I just used a pot of water on the stove. But I am letting the steam go out and rolling out all of those eggs. So here’s a look at everything
that Travis and I did for our large family meal
prep for the coming week. We did a bunch of cucumbers. We have some salad lettuce ready. We have yellow, red and orange
pepper strips ready to go. Broccoli is chopped. Cauliflower is chopped. And then four bags of cheese sticks. There’s actually half of
this bag of he Colby blend that the kids have out in the dining room. So these bags are of this Provolone. Think it was a 12 pound Provolone roll. And then a six pound
roll of this Colby blend. And then I have also
washed off and prepped. We got raspberries and blueberries. Blueberries and blackberries. And then here are the 2
1/2 dozen eggs also ready for healthy snacks for the coming week. Thank you so much for watching our healthy large family
meal prep for the week. You can see, I see behind there, those are my bacon pans from this morning. But at least this time, I
remembered to add some foil so those will be a quick clean up. Anyway, go ahead and click
this playlist right here to watch some other quick and fun large family meal prep
videos for the coming week. And I’ll see you real soon
with another brand new video. Bye-bye.

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