오므라이스 만들기 :: 간단요리 :: #59

one meal a day Today’s meal Omu Rice (Omelet Rice) Ingredients boiled rice / 2 eggs / meat & vegetables Ketchup / Soy sauce(or oyster sauce) Prepare the onions I used a quarter chop into small pieces And carrot Slice it Slice Slice chop chop chop And Green onion As usual, cut in half chop chop chop chop I used some spam of course, Cut into small pieces It’s almost done Prepare 2 eggs Knock, Knock I’m egg Beat the eggs well in a bowl I didn’t forget the salt ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu du Prepare the frying pan Add some cooking oil Add green onions Stir-fry on low heat. Until it smells delicious Then, add spam (or meat) Stir-fry until it is golden and vegetables Stir-fry vegetables until they are cooked 2Tbs ketchup 1Tbs Soy sauce(or Oyster sauce) mix well Finally, add boiled rice Mix well again After 2 minutes, turn off the heat I can’t wait to eat done ! Prepare another pan Wipe slightly with kitchen towel And put the eggs in Cook over low heat Slow Slow Quick Quick ! Perfect Everything is DONE ! It looks so delicious put a blanket over the fried rice Sprinkle with parsley Yay !!~~~ I’ll try a spoonful Yum It’s so great The combination of rice and eggs is perfect You can also with more ketchup or Demi-glace Sauce This is enough for me I’m full There is a fruit seller outside.
He’s shouting over the loudspeaker Should I buy? nope I just drink some pear juice Did you enjoy today’s meal? Bye Bye !~~

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  1. 내일 아침식사로 해서 먹어야 겠어요!!♡♡ 감사합니다!^^ 오므라이스에 케첩은 한번도 안넣어봤는데 맛있을것 같아요!!👍

  2. Спасибо за русский! ))))))))) Продолжайте дальше! Очень, очень все интересно ))))))

  3. 오므라이스도 너무 맛있겠어요!!^^
    집에서 한번 해먹어봐야겠어요^^

  4. ㅎㅎㅎ참외 사시러 나가는 줄~~개그맨 하실 생각 없는지요~♡
    밥이 많이 남았는데 내일은 님의 폭신한 두툼계란 덮어서 오므라이스 해먹어야겠네요~♡
    오늘도 즐건 요리 잘보고 갑니다~~♡

  5. 짐 식단조절 중이라 못먹는게 넘 많은데 대리만족 할라꾸 하루한끼님 영상 정주행중이에요 👍😉그런데 정말 이 오므라이스 맛있어보여욤 💕

  6. Looks delicious! I will definitely try this soon. I love white rice with sunnyside egg on top and also what we call arroz con jamonilla. This combines both!

  7. いつも可愛い日本語字幕を付けてくださりありがとうございます。



  8. Thank you for recipe! I will eat this everytime it's so yummy! I made it without onion cause didn't have any ;-; but still delicious!

  9. When I saw two spoon with ketchup & soy.
    In my mind: How to put this spoon? It's clean!!
    Bts: Oh, I see 🤣 It was to be careful

  10. Hi, what kind of brand do you use for your pan? I noticed the rough surface coating that is nonstick and it looks similar to a Scanpan that I want but that is $150 and I don't want to spend too much. is this a Korean brand or other global brand I can buy? Please let me know what you use, thank you!

  11. ■■대치동 아줌마 인터뷰:노무현님 넘넘 감사해요^^ 집값이 2배 10억 올랐네호호■강남집값 쳐올리고 변두리 집값 일부러 신도시 만들어 폭락■개구리 붕어 가재로 평생 개천에서 자식들까지 퍼져살아-조국법무장관■노무현 :로스쿨&의전원 만들고 사법시험폐지●동국대지방캠 다니던 자기아들만 추천서?로 스텐포드 미국유학, 강남집값 최대폭등=>개천에서 개구리 붕어로 평생 살아 자식들까지/국가수당만 타먹는 빈민 만들어 장기독재 but 서민들은 미치도록 열광..계층상승 사다리 빠개고 질투와 분노에 기생하며 죽창선동 평생개돼지들 거느리는 기생충 강남좌파■서민들은 평생 개돼지로 살어랑께 개천에서 개구리 붕어 가재로 죽을때까지 자식들도 평생 살어랑께 조국교수님 말씀 ●우리 김정은 수령님만 비만돼지 나머지 인민들은 모두 쥐새끼 잡아묵고 사는 영양실조랑께 모두

  12. واخيرا ترجمة عربي 😍😍😍 اعشق الاكل الكوري شكلة يشهي 🤤 عاشت ايدك ♥️♥️❤️

  13. 오므라이스는 계란지단 만드는게 제일 어려워요 언제 뒤집어야 찢어지지 않는지 잘모르겠음 ㅠㅠ 저는 밥에 케챱 안넣고 소금후추로 간 좀 하고 계란지단 위에 케챱 뿌려먹는데, 한끼님 레시피도 맛있어용!!!

  14. Gracias, muy rica propuesta, admiro, la edición y gracia de estos vídeos. Un saludo desde Tamaulipas México.

  15. Chinese dishes required 20+ ingredients and complex ways of cooking but without bullshit it's cheaper than Japanese food 🙂

  16. WowOw 😲!! Thank you so much for sharing this because I can use my block of ham in my fridge for this simple recipe 🤗🙌🏾. I was ready to throw that ham in the trash yesterday not knowing that a beautiful idea will present itself right in front of my door(YouTube-One meal a day)😘🤗🤗🤗🍾

  17. My sister and i watched this together,. And she tried to cook for both of us ☺️
    It was simple but very delicious!!~ 🤤😍😍
    We really love it♥️

  18. 안녕하세요 하루대파님❤ 지금 막 이 레시피에 계란만 강식당 오므라이스 계란으로 해서 올려 먹었는데, 정말 간단하고 정말 맛있어요😀👍

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