C’est pire que l’autre WTF c’est quoi ce plat? Salut et Bienvenue aux Vincenzo’s Plate Amateurs de Viande Je ne peux pas manger ça! Je n’ait jamais mangé ça dans ma vie. Merci à ma femme, j’ai toujours mangé de la nourriture sicilienne Elle cuisine toujours de bon plat Italien Je ne mange pas cette chose C’est dégoutant Vous pouvez manger ça? Si j’en donne à mon chien, il me le jetterai. Horrible!!! Macaroni (pâte) au fromage Pour être honnête, ça n’a aucun goût! Ça ne goûte pas les pâtes et le fromage. Ça goûte comme le lait. Je ne mange pas ça. Ça sent vraiment mauvais. Mamma mia! Mais quelle odeur. Je ne sais pas si je dois essayer. Alfredo au poulet C’est vraiment répugnant. Nous ne faisons pas ça en Italie. C’est mieux si Alfredo mange ceci… Merci à lui. C’est pire que les autres pâtes. WTF c’est quoi ce plat ? Spaghetti et boulettes de viande Manges tu ce plat à Salerne ? Oui c’est très populaire Ma mère ne sera pas contente de l’apparence des pâtes Je fais des spaghettis et boulettes mais elle sont très différente l’odeur est bonne mais le goût… Carbonara avec crème et bacon Si quelqu’un de Rome nous voit, ont va frapper Ces saveurs ne conviennent pas aux Italiens Au cours des années, cette nourriture vous rendra malade Ce truc sent mauvais Un message pour vous J’espère que la jeune génération appréciera notre nourriture Manger de la vraie cuisine italienne comme nous le faisons Parce que c’est une alimentation saine savoureux Ça nous rend hereux Et vous donne beaucoup de satisfactions Mangez bien, mangez sainement… mangez Italien Merci… pour ce test de dégustation Mais je veux bien manger La pizza est bonne mais s’en est pas unes. Vous ne vivrez pas longtemps avec cette nourriture, ça vous tuera La nourriture Italienne

C’est quoi pour vous ? Cela fait partie du régime méditerranéen Beaucoup de gens adore la nourriture Italienne C’est vraiment bon Nous n’utilisons pas de conservateurs Pour être honnête avec vous… Je ne peux pas manger ces choses La nourriture Italienne c’est la nourriture de Nonna… Nous perdons la méthode traditionnelle de faire la nourriture Car au fil des années les gens chagent Certaines personnes n’ont aucune connaissance de la cuisine Et ils veulent encore cuisiner pour les autres Italein Ne sachant rien à ce sujet Les gens de demandent comment je cuisine Est-ce que vous cuisiner des plats modernes ? Je cuisine ce que je sais cuisiner comme ma mère m’a appris Et je suis heureuse avec ma nourriture


  1. Sorry i like you Vincenzo but this is bullshit. This is very bad prepared food but not American at all!!!

  2. This was hilarious. All in good fun. But you chose the worst examples of Italian American food. Also we don’t consider Mac and cheese Italian. It’s just American. That pizza looked awful! I can take you out for some amazing fresh pizza and delicious Mac and cheese. You are right about one thing though- Italian American food in general is not healthy and makes you sick and obese over time.

  3. LOL some of this was filmed in that shitty Italian forum in Leichhardt Sydney Australia.

    Vincenzo you should get them to try that abominable Italian-Australian crud….

  4. none of these dishes look like they were made well at all , you made shitty versions of good dishes on purpose

  5. Haha. This reminds me of my Nonna when we took her out for dinner at an Italian restaurant😅

  6. I'm English but Italian food in the US is a shambles. They called bolognase meat sauce. They only use a basic ragú and meat. And put ricotta in lasagna instead of bechamel!

  7. per me i casi di questo video sono 2: o questi vecchietti rincoglioniti stanno recitando o chi sta portando il cibo non sa nemmeno cucinare, ma poi che bell'inglese, Renzi ti fa una sega

  8. Just try it jeez. It’s like they’re too prideful to even take a bite. Your cuisine is literally cheese wine and tomatoes. That’s your recipe

  9. Idk lol I'm used to eating American style Italian food so when I actually went to Italy I wasn't very impressed with their food. In fact the only place in Europe where I was blown away with their food was Spain. Love Spain so much

  10. The repeated laughing clip was so fucking annoying. Who edited this and why repeat it. It’s one reaction tf

  11. Should have been called "shittiest American Italian food served to real Italians" even Americans would say that stuff was fucking nasty looking. At least give them good americanized Italian food

  12. It's just not fair. Saying americans do not know how to prepare Italian food is like saying a a midget cannot play ball in the NBA.

  13. I don't know much about Italian food, but I have lived long enough in North America to understand that Americans DON'T KNOW HOW TO EAT!!!! And believe me it doesn't even take long to understand this … Sorry to say this but their taste buds are ruined to the point that when they're presented with proper food they just don't like it !!!
    It's either not salty or not sugary enough for them …

  14. I died when the guy just smelled the pizza before tastes it. He knew the food was garbage. I remember my Italian-American grandmother would spend ALL day cooking our Sunday dinners. She always used fresh ingredients for everything. Always!!!! How I miss her bread, artichokes, antipasta, and my favorite braciole

  15. Bring an Italian to Mama Lombardi's in Patchogue long island and you will rock his world…bring em to Dani's house of pizza in Kew Gardens Queens and he will never eat Napolitano pizza again… Take him to San Gennaro feast in little Italy because he always dreamed of the privilege to see where Corleone lived and some scenes from his favorite movie the godfather part two and part one and part three.

  16. you are feeding them dog shit, this isn't Italian American food. My grand parents immigrated from Italy because they were tired of being held down and fighting the wars. They accomplished goals in America that they could only dream of in Italy. Based on DNA I am as Italian as anyone who is Italian in Italy. However, I in no way identify as Italian. I am 100 percent American. My parents feel the same way and believe it or not so did my grandparents feel American. They never wanted to return, they mostly spoke English , and gave their allegiance to America. Need more proof? During world war 2 they sent their sons to bomb Italy. It's a country full of rude ungrateful people. They basically eat pasta, pizza, bread, wine, and some shell fish. They are forced to eat once a day in order to not gain weight. They smoke cigarettes and drive like ass holes. I'm insulted when someone calls me an Italian as we gave up on that place long ago. Perhaps Italians are jealous because the peasants who left there outdid the ones who stayed.

  17. But Italians like to talk shit about food they don't know or isn't exactly like how mom did it. Forming their opinion before really tasting it. That being said, the food looked like shit though 😂

  18. Ahhhhhhh che bello quando sei italiano e non ti servono i sottotitoli….. niente raga like per chi è italiano 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Italian food is overrated
    I like the American styles way better
    And I’m not even American.
    Italians being arrogant and proud because of fucking FoOd .

  20. American here that has been to Italy multiple occasions. Honestly if you put freshly made American Italian Food in front of Italians and then just put a ton of Rosemary/Basil/Olive Oil on it and don't tell them it is American they wouldn't know, this has been done many times on other videos. The compliment I give to Italy is the freshness of the tomatoes, other than that I honestly thought the pizza was bland/ heavy on herbs/ and cooked with less technology.

  21. The difference between America food and literally any other food is that any other food IS ACTUAL FOOD

  22. I think they over react. I’m Italian and I’ve always eaten Italian food as I used to live in Italy for the majority of my life. When I came to the states and tried italian-american food like spaghetti and meatballs or the extremely soggy pizza, I actually enjoyed it and I thought (and still think) it’s delicious.

  23. La cucina italiana è la più sana, se eseguita correttamente, tanti carboidrati, verdure e frutta, spesso accompagnati da un buon paio di scarpe (intendo tanto sport), abbastanza legumi, frutta secca, latticini e uova e poca carne e dolci, chissà perché lo chef più bravo al mondo è italiano, anzi modenese, come me😜. (viva l'Italia)

  24. Lol @ those angry "Italian" Americans that are in full damage control. Give up lads, you're not Italians. You're about as Italian as those 1/3728 Cherokee people and the Plastic Paddies

  25. Sarà anche del cibo schifoso, ma i miei nonni non si permetterebbero mai di trattare così qualunque cosa venisse servita loro. Se mi hanno insegnato qualcosa più importante del rispetto verso le ricette tradizionali italiane è il rispetto verso il cibo stesso. La cultura del non sprecare nulla è alla base della cucina (se non italiana, almeno nella mia famiglia)… pensate a quante ricette italiane sono saltate fuori proprio dal riutilizzo di avanzi di cibo.
    Sinceramente vedere questi signori schifare così la roba dopo un solo morso, o senza neanche assaggiarla, non mi ha fatto sentire fiera di avere la migliore cucina del mondo…. mi sembrano solo un gruppetto di arroganti che dell'Italia neanche conoscono la lingua e la grammatica. Forse sarebbe meglio scendere dal piedistallo, abbassare la cresta ed essere un po' più umili (anche perché mi pare di capire che siate emigrati tutti in Australia, quindi forse l'Italia non vi piaceva poi così tanto, no?).
    Un conto è fare una critica costruttiva su una ricetta sbagliata, suggerendo modifiche per migliorare un piatto o far sì che rispecchi la vera tradizione italiana… un'altra è rifiutarsi di assaggiare un piatto e dire "neanche il mio cane lo mangerebbe". Ricordatevi che ci sono persone che muoiono di fame al mondo, fare gli snob a questa maniera è veramente diseducativo.

  26. It's not really fake. It's still Italian, because we got our Italian food from the Italians that came to America.

  27. there should be a disclaimer about what is authentic italian food from italy and what is made up food sold under the banner if italian cuisine in american restaurants cause if a italian has never heard of it it can't be italian cuisine

  28. 30 years ago I was on a train in Italy…..the Pasta served was better than most places serve in Melbourne Australia……I'm half Irish and I love Sicilian food…..oh yeah.

  29. Those meals were nasty looking to an American too. I say we try some of those again…not from the dollar store. Just curious what their honest reaction would be. Still would be unhealthy compared to how they truly eat.

  30. Bunch of picky Italians who think they have the best food in the world but have never tried anything else.
    And Sure if you compare garbage American food to better quality Italian food garbage is garbage. But frankly I find some “traditional” italian food to be lame and tasteless. Like I find some Americanized versions much more vibrant. It really depends on who cooked it, the recipe and a persons tastes.

  31. As I explained to my friends in abruzzo, most italian- american food has been made with an available and reasonably priced substitute. Also factor in that most of us have been out of contact with italy for 75-100 years so our food has evolved differently.

  32. It might have helped if you hadn't used the most horrible versions of that I've ever seen. That pizza looked vile, that macaroni and cheese looked terrible. What were you doing? Trying to intentionally make this worse than it is? Who cooked this shit?

  33. All high quality food is impractical outside of the culture it comes from. You guys cook better pastas and tomato palated food. US is good at smoking methods and beef/pork. Central America uses corn, gourds, and squashes very impressively. India has a far deeper understanding and variety of spices. Every country is good at something, but for people who are not eating their native cuisine, having the original taste is usually out of reach, so they approximate with what they have. I just find the test incredibly arrogant. It would be like me making fun of you for not having perfectly smoked ribs with the right kinds of wood and sauce. Don't do something to others you don't want done to yourself.

  34. Americani non vi offendete, la cucina italiana, anche il piatto più scarso cucinato da un apprendista cuoco per la 1 volta e con ingredienti italiani, per voi sarebbe il top….cucinate da schifo e COPIATE da schifo. w l'ITALIA

  35. That was lame. This would have been a good video if there was even a hint of legitimacy in it. I wanted to see Italians try Italian American food but instead I got a jack ass laughing every thirty seconds at the reactions of Italians eating the worst versions of Italian American dishes cooked horribly. This is the equivalent of going to Germany and asking them what they think of German American food and feeding them bargain bin hot dogs cooked in the microwave and double cheeseburgers from McDonalds that have been sitting out for an hour. .

  36. These stuck up people think their food is the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind. As if only in Italy this food be cultivated by masters.

    I have had real Italian food and it is fucking bland. Some of it was pretty good but it was not leaves and bounds ahead of American food. But ask these real snowflake Italians and they’ll tell you their food is gift.

  37. I know the reason of why the Italians lose WWII…

    They starved to death bc the army rations didn't pleased the soldiers.
    (Sorry if I'm offending someone, I'm just making silly humor)

  38. Italian in Melbourne Australia, particularly on Lygon street in the city, is fantastic. . We also have a world champion pizza restaurant here. Would love their opinion on it.

  39. Italian food is ok, is not all that is just ok. I liked the ham better in Spain and the cheese better in France, but since I love spicy food I got board of Italian food, no disrespect to Italians the country is beautiful and so is the food!

  40. I can literally see how badly that pasta is prepared. So you cooked something badly on purpose to prove some kind of point. The only point you made is you made food badly and served it to people.

  41. ITALIAN dishes in America: pizza, lasagna, ziti, cannelloni, spaghetti, linguine, lasagna, Rigatoni, ravioli, Fettuccine Alfredo, Manicotti, 'Capicola

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